Shangra Panda Daily Unavailable

After completing “What it Sought”, the panda daily on Shangra Island is no longer available.


I second this, it’s not available for me either. Is this intended or not?

The quest is “A Visitor to the Ladies’ Hot Spring”

Yeah same here would be interested in the answer to that too :slight_smile:

Yeah like the first post said finished that one then no panda daylie anymore

same for me , the daily just disappered

I think this is intentional because it had an x/10 counter as you were completing it, and unlocked a special quest at 10/10. That said, what is weird is that there is an achievement to do this 108 times. Not sure how you are supposed to do that… alts?

The quest(s) should be roster bound

I was confused by this as well, but the quests with the achievement to do 108 times are the Sacred Deer and Waterfall Training, not this one.

This one ends after you free the panda lady by doing the quest 10 times and getting the following quest What It Sought tht awards you 1 kindness

Any luck? Can’t find out how to start the mission “A Visitor to the Ladies’ Hot Spring” needed to do 10 times for levitate quest chain. All other quests in island are done. Tried everything I could think of. Can’t find any guide about this. Any tips? Please help