Shards and untradable (PLEASE)

I suggest that shards and untradable refinement resources be shared with characters on the same account. I have 100k of Harmony shards stopped and in vain on one of my characters, as well as Guardian Stone and Destruction Stone. They do not need to be traded on the market, nor exchangeable with other players, but at least shareable with the same account! It’s been embarrassing, not having anywhere else to turn to for more resources, when there’s plenty of it in my other character. (Translated by google translator)




+1 i have a ton of untradable honing materials that i would like to use on other characters. It is pointlessly sitting on my T3 character. Dev can you guys allow us to use the honing mats roster wide?


Please help! Tons of idle/useless resources! At least they are transferable to characters on the same account. Please!
untradeble 😡


AFAIK this is already a feature in the Korean version. I don’t know why they didn’t include this in the western version.
Also; I really don’t understand the logic behind character bound items in this game. It heavily relies on alts, but doesn’t let us give unused materials to alts.
I literally have thousands of bound mats that are sitting in my storage in hope for this feature coming some day.


Only crystals are roster-bound in other regions. Leapstones and shards are characterbound

Would love it too, but maybe it’s just not the way they want it to work.
We could at least have a “transform” system similar to the one for great t3 leapstones, so crystals and shards bound to character can be converted to greater ones also bound.
This way we won’t feel like they are wasted anymore :wink:

Stop smoking copium. This will simply never happen, because it would completely break the economy, mats from events can be abused and the worth an alt would 10-fold. If your not playing 10+ alts you are basically trolling your main.
Stop. With. Those. Bound. Post. Already.

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Wait, what? im pretty sure this is fake