Shards (Bound tier 1 while at tier 2)

I was doing some upgrading in tier 2 and was low on destruction shards. So i crack open a couple chests to get some more shards (From islands)…

They are TIER 1 shards. and i am now 1000 iLvl tier 2. I could have used these for my ALT… now what? are the bound tier 1 shards on my main useless???

I think there should be a way to transfer these to an ALT, something needs to change a bit with the system. If you’re not a hawk eye 100% of the time you can just straight up WASTE hours of your own time by opening a box.

Please. Fix. Give us an option with bound shards to trade them to a vendor for either gold or (Half at least) the amount of shards that could be instead bound to roster. Or a 1 time transfer to an alt.

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This game as a lot of things that become useless at some point or even, that are useless from start. It is a strategy to makes us spend more time on the game so we have the feeling that the game is full of content when in reality it is the same thing split in a lot of limited content that we need to farm over and over. I doubt they will change that, but it would be good if we could exchange T1 materials (shards, stones etc.) for T2 materials, even in a lower rate (like 2:1 or even 5:1). It is frustrating to keep receving this stuff as rewards when they have no value anymore and both my main and my alts sit there because I do not have enough T2 materials to advance.

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