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So far the community iv encountered for the western release has been overwhelmingly toxic. And the unofficial discord is abyssmal, the voice chats are are all bigotry, insensitivity, hate speach and genelral degeneracy. Its been very difficult trying to build an all inclusive LGBTQ friendly guild. I get harassed constantly just from my recruitment message. Like someone gave a bunch of toddlers too much adderall. What have your experiences been like?

My experience recently summarized:

dude just leave the game and come back in few month, the real player still here.

I have 106 hrs and only 1 hrs in queue.

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I mean, why do you want to create a LGBTQ guild in the first place? We are gamers, people just don’t want to see your sexual activity

None of this has happened on any chat ive seen. Its mostly P2W chatter, fighting over stagger and politics. Nothing close to what the OP has described, but this is normally how it goes when these threads pop up in every single new game.

It appears some people go out of their way and try to appear as a victim and be always offended.

Its the internet in 2022 and you are on a f2p video game where its even worse. Nobody cares about you in game or what group you associate with, its toxic chatter about every topic under the sun, you are not special.

Na East Una here, while I will say there are annoying Tiktok references (I think that’s what they are) in area chat, not much toxicity at all from what I’ve seen around 1000 ilevel dungeons. I’ve never directly had any problem with anyone in pug that was from Una.


Nothing but a bunch of 16 year old tik tok boys and anime edgelords that spam babe on UNA server.

In my experience, no one has ever used the party voice chat. There are some racism or homophobia in the /area chat, but the comments are those usually seen in just about any other game. I didn’t put any labels on my guild, just “casual” and everyone is also very nice. I’m in Avesta server, if that makes any difference.

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I didnt know there was in game voice chat? Lol i was talking about th the “unofficial discord” the closest thing to an officail one since there is not one. Its the biggest community for the game i could find so far.

Oh yes, there is a voice chat in-game that you can turn on in the audio settings. If you enable auto-join, then you should be able to join it :smiley:

Pass lol

Cope and dilate. If your motd is causing issues remove it.

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And i dont usually feel the need to put up the LGBTQ banner, but with as many times as iv heatd the f word thrown around this game im sure some folks are seeking somewhere safe from all the nonsense. Like buddy above said, in 2 monthes hopefully some of the twitch chasing internet trash the hype dragged in will bail and well have a more respectable community atleast on my server and in the community discords (im on aldebaran)

Pretty sure that people in the guild wont throw the F word at him but he will still see it outside of it.
This isn’t a new thing.

That word is not thrown around in mmorpgs just stop it doesnt happen ever in chat or in any guild chat, it doesnt happen…

Just stop.

Not a chance that is thrown around on an mmorpg chat. Maybe FPS but ive played mmos for 1000 if not 10000 of hours over the years and i could probably count on one hand how many times that word was “thrown around”

I think he’s talking about in the discord.

“the unofficial discord is abyssmal, the voice chats are are all bigotry, insensitivity, hate speach and genelral degeneracy”

That i cant comment on because i dont go to those channels. Guild channels its never mentioned, in game in mmorpgs definitely not thrown around.

If its in some random weird discord just leave it.

Chat is full of ‘Speak English vs French’ spam. In dungeons no one ever talks… just talking to myself in there with what might as well be bots.

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welcome to the internet OP… you must be new
buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride