Sharpshooter adjustments pvp aspects NEEDS

the class needs huge adjustments on pvp. specially 3x3/ranked/GVG/group pvp in general
pve class seems ok, can do the job. specially with the recent buff.

I am tired of people already saying the match is lost just because there is a sharpshooter and I cant even discuss because I partially agree, although I do my best because I like bow/arrow classes. what they normally say before the match:
‘‘sharpshooter doesnt help’’
‘‘sharpshooter play solo’’
‘‘sharpshooter dont play ranked’’
‘‘SS on my team, we are doomed’’
‘‘oh man, SS on my team…’’

those are a few that a saw before even the match start, and as a sharpshooter I cant disagree, why?
*we are in a corner chargin a skill just to get interrupted
*any class have better range skills than us, fighters dont but can literally jump on you from the other side of the arena(a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point)
*totally dependend on RNG crit from SNIPE, otherwise its just a tickle on the enemie, very small AOE
*we are very squishy
*our skills hardily interrupt the enemie since we lack stagger skills
*our best combo is close range, so when we close in, other 2 are already on our neck smashing us
*we have to use others as bait in order to land a clean hit with the best skill we have that also has a HUGE CD
*we also cant stay close because we get easily caught up since our skills are unprotected, ALL of them apart from evasive shot ( but for inconvenience our combo are close combat, irony)

  • in order to stay longer/survivability we have to go on stealth leaving 2 members exposed
    *our best combo is better for solo engages, because we cant manage hit from 3rd parties since we get easily interrupted
    we lack overall damage because the skills we have cant even land and when we see the skills are already on CD

please. give the sharpshooter the buff he needs in pvp.
we need SA, we need some Push imunity, we need damage buff in a few skills, we need better range in a LOT of skills like:
-snipe: increase holding speed, AOE, give paralysis immunity and lower CD since this is our main Damage dealer skill with a lot of drawbacks
-‘‘sharpshooter’’: decrease animation, increase range and give option to put push immunity on the tripod
-charged shot: increase aoe and range, lower CD
-arrow wave: increase range and width, make execution faster and add stagger(mid) with the last tripod ‘‘Wave Streak’’ .
arrow shower: faster execution, more damage and stagger
and a lot of rework on useless skills such as dm42, smokearrow, rapid shot

those who are SS and are on top, congratulations, you are a fkn genius to manage the bad broken class as it is and still do some good or I just suck as a sharpshooter, if the latter, then I will keep being a shitty SS.

here are the changes that could be implemented on the sharpshooter @Centeotl


Sharpshooter is only good in PvP if you dont get focused, and most classes have the ability to chase you better than you can run anyway so forget running or fighting back because we have no lvl 2 SA to trade with anyway.

The best way to play SS in PvP at least from my experience is by being an opportunist and just sitting back with snipe/charged shot/atomic arrow, only engaging in close range if the enemy blows their cooldowns on one of your teammates. But don’t engage too quickly because if they’re in a skill animation you get insta locked from your lack of protection.

Pvp is the worst thing in this game in my opinion. So i enjoy with Pve and honing fails.

SHARPSHOOTER SUCKS AT EVERYTHING. PVE DMG AND PVP. Why cant we stun others when other class can stun you mid air and you cant space bar.

Hey there! I’m sorry we missed your feedback. I appreciate the time and consideration taken. I will forward your thread to the Development team to review. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Pandabear90 for bumping this post as well as adding to the discussion.

Lmao, if you think SS is getting a buff you are outta your damn mind. Even if they do, it’s gonna be next year before we get that patch LOL. You’ll probably quit by then cuz blue crystals will be over 2000g.

SS is getting a pve buff in the next balance patch actually, and SS damage is already in a very good spot at 4x3 and obv more so with 5x3

balance patch will probably come with clown raid along with the tripod update if we’re lucky since we’re getting scouter in september and scouter was also given a buff in the balance patch.

but yeah SS pvp sucks, if you’re focused you have to run and your only mobility and defense is split between 2 skills + dash