Sharpshooter engravings and hawk meter/wealth

couple things I was trying to clear up as I’ve heard diff answers regarding this.

Death strikes 40% dmg is only for the sharpshooter, or is it for the whole party?
Loyal companion buff is only for the sharpshooter, or for the whole party?

also when running wealth runes, does the multi hit blade storm gain more than the single hit moving slash/deadly strike?

Any skill that applies a party buff/debuff will say so in the skill description. If it doesn’t mention party then it’s self only.

Bump for this - It’s a bit ambiguous how many times you actually get the +meter trigger with this skill, plus the fact that the final hits seem to grant a lot more meter. My initial thought is to slap wealth rune on this and keep Rage on Moving Slash (especially since it’s useful out of combat as well). But maybe not.

why don’t you guys just test this yourself in the training room?

from my testing,

wealth is applied to multi hit skills on every hit - deduced from using the skill with and without wealth equipped, multi hit skills generate equal amount of identity on every hit with or without rune equipped. (when you notice the final hit generating more meter, is your final hit hitting more targets/doing more damage than the initial attacks? i used a double attack of the same damage to test, and it generates the same amount of guage)

as for which skill does the rune generate more meter on,
well this question is kinda two fold
the tooltip says it increases meter gain by a percentage, so that implies you get x% more meter from this skill than you would without using it

that means it depends on which skill generates more meter on its own to begin with right,
from testing while hitting a single target, it takes 12-13 level 10 deadly slashes to cap out the meter, and 6 blade storms
with the blue wealth rune (20%) equipped, it takes 10 deadly slashes and 4 blade storms to cap out meter.

blade storm has a 20 second base cooldown while deadly slash has 12, that means if all else being equal the rune shaves off approx 36 seconds from using deadly slash to cap meter
compared to 40 seconds shaved off from blade storm.

that takes 3 minutes to find out, and you dont even need to know the actual maths behind how the rune works

unless you want to do some super deep theorycrafting, but if u are at that level i am sure u have more ways to find these kind of stuff out from experience anyways

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You’d think it’d be that simple, but the final hits generate significantly more meter. They do hit harder, but nowhere in the skill does it say your meter generation is %dmg based. It’s just supposed to be a flat number every 3 hits, but that’s not how it works.

so you are talking about blade storm’s tripod then?
but thats not so much regarding wealth rune itself, nor how hawkmeter guage is generated

on another skill (deadly slash) where the tripod grants extra guage per hit, the amount you generate is equal for equal amounts of damage dealt.

so then the question here is, how does the blade storm third hit extra guage tripod affect your decision to use wealth rune on this skill or another skill?

[edit] - on second thought i think we may have a bit of miscommunication here,
in my first post when i said multi hit skills generate equal amount of identity, i am talking about only deadly slash, blade storm does generate different amounts of guage per hit, and even though the description only says every third hit and doesnt elaborate on how the guage is generated with that tripod

however when i said i dont think that matters, i mean it’s because you are using the skill as a whole, and it really only matters how much guage you are getting after using the skill, andwhether you get it during the first second or the third second after you click the skill is less relevant to choosing which rune for the skill

“I don’t know” is also a perfectly reasonable answer.

maybe this is why people don’t want to help you eh
i answered OP’s question with my first round of testing already

good luck on your own!

If you say so.