Sharpshooter Full Swiftness Build Ring

Hello, I am currently creating a build for my sharpshooter. Build full swiftness and engraving is ready in my head, I will use KBW, Raid Captain, LC, Grudge and Hit Master and I have some parts.

But I’m not sure if I should use a crit as a ring, I’m afraid the damage will be less. What is your opinion

Test on trixion to have an idea

why KBW on a Swiftness? i dont get it , imo better go Adreniline

almost all sharpshooter skills have crit tripods that go very high, when combined with crit on neck and a synergy you easily have enough crit. and as for OPs question, as long as all pieces are decent quality, crit on one ring would be fine, you should still be in a position where that is still a benefit damage wise, assuming you cant find a swiftness piece just yet

if crit synergy in group → swiftness
if not → crit

simple as that

I copied the build of a master friend of Sharpshooter. I don’t want to change it because the build is ready.

I didnt get it. What do u mean?

oh yes, u are right , had forgotten about this

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