Sharpshooter hate

What’s with all the sharpshooter hate in this game? I am far from saying its a great class, or even close to one of the best, but its still a decent class. I’m a sharpshooter main, 1480, all lvl 7 gems with one lvl 8 for snipe damage. LWC crit rate card set. 5x3, all relic. After spending almost 30 min getting gatekept from Vykas hard today, I finally get into a group, and I MVP every gate. Just wondering why so much hate? Not the best, sure. But I MVP way to often for it to be trash.

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sharpshooter is gucci iam always mvp with 4x3 deskaluda valtan hard and vykas normal

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They are just insecure, probably you dodged a bullet.
Vykas HM is 90% mech simulator.

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I have a sharpshooter alt…
It’s a class like any other.

The reason some people gate keep is because some streamers said it’s trash… That’s it. That’s the only reason.
People are stupid as fuck. And don’t flag my post for saying this… It’s the truth


not gonna get flagged by me! I totally agree. One streamer says one thing, when half the time its out of context cause its one of those toxic clip videos, and everyone follows it like gospel.


They are Boss Rush gigachads


I literally one shot every boss in boss rush. all of them. lol

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Also a sharpshooter main, i so myself haven’t had any problems getting into a party. It all depends, all if these twitch sheep don’t think to themselves and probably have no idea of what their “main” character does and why to run a simple grudge on their build. With that being said, sharpshooter is a great class and theres a lot that could be looked into as well. Hone a little more once they see 1490 or 1500 they’ll never deny you

Sorc is by far the easiest to kill everything in 1 hit as casting reflux. Boss rush is pretty painful on some classes. They need a higher tier imo.

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Oh yeah! Sorc is for sure one of the other top classes for destroying Boss Rush even if you’re slow cast reflux or igniter, since you can just precast as they spawn in.

I feel boss rush is the most painful on Shadowhunter.

If anything were super serious and there were like ultra tight DPS checks and you only ran with a static, then you’d probably agree Sharpshooter is bad. It is a class that if you pitted every DPSer in ideal raid settings against each other Sharpshooter lags behind.

But there’s nothing in the game that is that tight.

But there’s also not a lot in this game to judge people you invite from a random pool so they make stuff up to judge people like roster levels.

I mean, Im up with other dps in raid situations every week. And pull MVP almost every time. As I said, I dont think its the best class, but its far from the “trash” people think it is. I shit on “S tier” classes in weekly raids and dailies ALMOST every time. There’s never going to be the “tight” dps checks you are talking about. Those were a thing in KR before they had better engravings that weren’t even in the game yet and balance patches that we have before they did at that point in the game. We are pumping much more dps than KR ever did at this point in the game.

I think MVP is a poor indicator since we know that they’ve specifically made the MVP screen to be bad to obfuscate differences in performance especially with lack of tools like a DPS meter.

I think it’s even less useful when it’s for a random environment including party finder. These are scenarios where classes like Sharpshooter and Gunslinger actually perform better than usual due to Hit Master and range. Since in these environments, you can’t predict how everyone else is going to react or how the randos are going to handle mechs, classes that benefit greatly from positionals (Ambush Master or Master Brawler, for instance) lose a significant amount of damage whereas a Hit Master class doesn’t care and retains their bonus damage.

So you “shitting” on these S tier classes in weekly randoms is hardly indicative of your class performance or their class performance.

But given the nature of how people are, even if the only difference between the top DPS class and the bottom DPS class was 0.01% DPS, people will start breaking classes down into 0.001% performance differences just to rank an S tier and a C tier.

You could argue it all you want but we even see it within classes. Why are there more Igniter sorcs than Reflux sorcs or why are there more Shock Scrappers than Taijutsu Scrappers? The differences between the specs within classes are like less than 5% damage but if you ask people, they will make it sound like one is absolutely garbage. In some ways, I bet you do the same with why you picked either Loyal Companion or Death Strike unless you are super leviathan ultra whale and went both.

I mean MVP cruel fighter is a far from poor indicator. It clearly indicates most damage dealt. And the old “hitmaster vs entropy classes” argument has to be taken into account. I dont care how much damage your class can put out, if you cant put it out when it matters. We arent fighting trixion dummies. The arguement also falls short where classes like sorc, shadow hunter, and arti are all hitmaster as well, and get out damaged by my sharp all the time. And this was not just randoms on party finder. My static just recently fell apart about 2 weeks ago. MVPed there too. Cruel fighter to be more specific, so that there is no “bad indicator”. The whole static vs randoms statement doesnt make sense anyways. Thats like youre literally saying that all randoms are bad players. Also, i picked LC, because i prefer swiftness. Damage potential was not taken into account.

It is a poor indicator.

If your goal is to be good at pubstomping then you play Hit Master, if your goal is to be good when it matters, show me you get Cruel Fighter against similarly skilled players with the same gear level and investment in a predictable setting.

You pubstomping doesn’t tell me you are good or your class is good. If you want to pat yourself on the back for it, feel free, but that’s just cope.

I literally already told you this was also with my static that fell apart. And again you are literally assuming that every random is a shit player. So because when I play with randoms in pub groups I get MVP, that means Im the most skilled pub group player ever? Or is it more likely that the class is not trash, and doesnt deserve the hate? Youre honestly starting to sound like a player that chased the meta, and spent an arm and a leg to gear it, and now your upset that a class that cost less than half to build has the capability of out DPSing you.

ppl are relying way to much on streamers. make your own opinion for sharpshooter, instead of acting copium and saying its trash.

Actually its a fun class, its speed, its long range (compared to my main scrapper), and its fast too + dmg output is amazing with 4x3 and full lv 6 gems imagine it on full lv 7 gems + 5x3

Yes the damage is very decent. It is my main. At 1480, with all level 7 gems and 1 level 8. Tripods are all 1 level under max, and it is 5x3. Very fun class. Very good damage. The best damage? Absolutely not. But very good.

I never said “The best DPS”, its quiet good compared how ppl are dealing with the class

No, I know you didnt. Im agreeing with you. Lol

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