Sharpshooter needs buffs and QOL changes

(All PVP related suggestions)

  • Decrease CD and charge/hold time on Snipe and Charged Shot OR Paralysis immune on Snipe and Charged Shot

Snipe and Charged are too easily interrupted and then go on long cooldowns. If it was less interruptible, then the cooldowns would be more tolerable.

If we take Tenacity instead of Perfection on Snipe, we lose too much potential damage.

  • Make DM-42 Mines Explosion Radius Circle invisible to enemies

It makes no sense that the enemies can see the aoe range circle and avoid it. The actual mine can stay, but the range circle should only be seen by teammates.

  • Make HP Bars hidden while blinded by Shadow Arrow

Makes Blind less useful when they can just see HP bars

  • Faster attack speed on Sharp Shooter by default

The skill Sharp Shooter atm feels too slow while casting and is easily missable

  • Making Rapid Shot stagger on ALL hits and not just the last hit

Gunslingers get staggers on all their shots, while the first two shots of Rapid shot do nothing until the last hit.

  • Stealth should not break while casting UNTIL you land a hit like how other games do it.

You can literally autoattack click on nothing and break stealth.

  • Our identity Z skill Wings of Storm should at least stagger.

It just hits for very low DMG atm and does nothing besides Last Rush which uses up the entire identity charge


This class needs massive buffs or major rework.
As the guy stated above, this class is lacking compared to the rest of the rangers.

Staggering then lead into a massive burst like gunslingers, and even the burst itself has big staggering? No.

Shield up and go ham on people, with quick and simple burst that can deal a whole chunk of damage? No

(Future) Ironman mode that can take damage and deal big damage? No.

What do hawkeye get?
A bird, which barely does anything significant.

A Snipe, which can be easily interrupted, or sometimes even get punished hard for trying to use it.

Mobility, yes, quite fast, can run good. But when there is another person joins the pray, it is another story.

Is Hawkeye an enabler like Sorc? No.
Can Hawkeye interrupt well? Somehow, unless he gets interrupted.
Is Hawkeye a good backline damage? Yes, until 2 big burst skills on CD or someone tunnels you the entire match.

This class has no identity, things they can do, other ranger classes can do way better.


I agree a 100%
there is a enormous lack of damage as well as QOL
the main dps skill SNIPE has long prep holding time ever and the damage is meh and the crit chance should be of at least 50%.
they should give status bonus with loyal companion along with the current buff
every other class has ATKpwr, atkspd, mvspd along with identity, but not SS.
the hawk should basic attack more times. the gap and cool down for hawk skills is too long and the damage could be better too.
charged shot just lack of dmg and crit
moving slash needs quicker animation, that skill takes so long to be used that when you are about to move they enemie already hit you trice.
I mean, SS needs a rework or a MASSIVE buff ! not just on the class engravings but as a whole
I know the PTR test server is working on this but, 10% atk power is nothing compared to the BUFF SS needs.

i assume this is purely for pvp because in pve i dont feel SS is bad.

And yes i agree but maybe for different reasons because they usually do fine dmg wise.
but everytime i get a SS in my team it just feels like im playing 2v3 and the ss is playing solo, hiding somewhere in a corner and charging up his snipe for 5 minutes while his team is getting shredded, they never peel and i dont think its a player issue since this is literally every SS

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The do fine dmg, if they stay away from fights.
If you are playing SS, you have to jump in, use two skills and run away to use Snipe and Charged Shot. Then all you can do is run around waiting for your skills cd to end.
Problem is, with other classes they have stuns etc and immunity while using skills. When SS is preparing or using skill you just need to use any skill that pushes enemy by an inch, and SS enters 20sec skill cooldown.

I kindly ask, are you SS main?
I am SS main, playing for 2 months now, changed recently to DB.
I remained on SS because I am a big fan of ARROW/BOW and the class is fun to play.
regarding DPS on pve, it can easily be surpassed by any other DPS class effortless while us SS cant miss a single hit and make use of each class engraving to be at average at best.
the amount of effort and perfect stats, while others doesnt need that much to shine is what makes it very frustrating and unpopular.
acc on market, the good ones are veeeeeery expensive compared to other classes.
and since we need to run both class engravngs things can be even more expensive.
SS needs dmg buff over all as well as more stagger and qol for a lot of his skill set
the class is squish as f, and to not have damage what is the point for being squishy?
1 more thing, SS needs buff on the sinergy skill. on the Loyal instead of 8, give 15% mov speed to party. and the skill sinergy(arrow bomb/rapid shot) inscrease to 12% ( 6% currently).
PVE sharpshooter is waaaay below avrg compared to other classes.
they dont need to nerf other classes, they just need to buff sharpshooter

looks like you picked the wrong class :smiley:

and based on what do you think so?
just because someone have a problem and suggestion to be discussed regarding a class he like to play? do you think he would bother to come here, waste time making a post to talk about a class hes not willing to play or doesnt like it? everything is down to FUN of playing something but this doesnt discard the possibility of improvements. maybe U are just another person that have another class not willing the rise of sharpshooters.
there is nothing wrong in wish improvements for what you have, if it can or will be done, its not up to you but up to AGS/SG to pay attention to this attend or ignore the request/feedback.
but you can come here and show points IF you play the class as a main, not as an alt and make a healthy discussion about the class instead of waste your time to say BS.


good for you.
reading is mind opening, yours seems closed

you picked the worst off meta class to be edgy because zeals says they get better the longer you play
the class is ass and you’re frustrated and crying on the forums isn’t going to get your ass class reworked, yeah take care

booo hoo. let me cry on the forums. there is nothing to do WITH you in the first place.
are you hurt somewhere?
ooooowwn. take care of it, its causing you harm :slight_smile:

do you think sgs/ags reads this shit?

no problem mate. I will keep trying.
maybe one day they will listen.
I dont mind.

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well goodluck

all of you probably never saw a good sharshooter in pvp but the class is actually quite decent in the meta just need to tweek the build compare to what kr take and its really good backliner great peel and setup. my friend is grandmaster with one and he started playing with eu release.
the invis allow for so much pressure and either setup with any other class that can combo of it or peel if your ally are what they usually are…
(any melee, most ranged) relatively fast follow knock up synergize well with the engage or peel sharshooter is capable of doing.
pro tips : don’t be too close to your sharshooter they love range and if they are invis you might fuck them up badly.
for pvp at least they are really fine.

But sharpshooters performing well damage wise…

EDIIT: nvm just seen you said pvp, ye it could use some help.

Point 1.) not only is it easily interrupted, it also deals little to no damage. The hitboxes are bugged aswell. Direct hit a Sorc with Charged Shot today, nothing happened. Snipped a Berserker, nothing happened. Both were in the exact center of the explosions.
Also, Tenacity literally does nothing for you. It’s a T1 Super Armor surrounded by blades with T2 and T3 stuns with no end.

Point 2.) It would make sense, right? I mean… you are placing a mine, why would you place it in a visible way for the enemy? Who would step on that?

Point 3.)
Blind literally does nothing as it is right now. Even on max stacks
Sharpshooter should be faster in general, not just for PvP. It’s so incredibly slow. How far am I pulling the Arrows back please? :rofl:

Point 4.) Gunslingers are just stupid with how much cc they have. Dealing damage while moving and rendering every enemy in range immobile. In just one skill. Balance btw.

Point 5.) The invisiblity is really useless. Especially on Snipe. You are stationary. Everyone know where you are. It’s not like you can use it to your advantage from off screen and pray to the gods, that the enemy walks in range. Because they won’t, they will just outrange you (Shadowhunters have a higher range, Deathblades just teleport across the arena in one skill click, Berserkers will throw out a massive aoe with T3 cc and hit you randomly because what are hitboxes anyway, etc.)

Point 6.) I was wondering about that aswell. Enemies just walk out of it, cool, awakening wasted. The cast takes too long, the damage takes too long, to stun and combo it. Everyone can just stand up, get hit two or three times and then one hit you witht heir 85k hits on basic skills and class identities (blades).

In general, Sharpshooter needs way more immunities, increased attack speed and an increase in damage. 30 second cooldown on Snipe (for some reason swiftness doesn’t apply any CDR for me, nor does it increase my attack speed. Allegedly an issue caused by my hardware drivers, based on the support.)
Charging snipe takes super long, you are vulnerable like no other class, have little armor and low health. You are there, out in the open, everyone can just smack you into the next life.
Charged shot is incredibly slow aswell. Even just on instant cast. Sharpshooter we talked about already.
A very lackluster class for PvP. I hope, that we receive a proper buff (and a nerf on the right now broken classes like Sorc, Shadowhunter and Deathblade) for Sharpshooter, so that he is viable in PvP without playing with RNG and hoping, that the enemy is legally blind or something.

There are no “good” Sharpshooters in PvP, that can keep up with broken classes like Sorceress and Deathblade.

Sharpshooter depends a lot on the enemy being pretty much stupid and incapable of playing the game. Otherwise you just get destroyed, as you don’t have any form of defense. And your offense requires you to stand still for almost 2seconds, without proper immunity.

Smilegate RPG claims to care about user’s opinions. It works on KR. So let’s keep repeating what we feel like. One day they have to listen.