Sharpshooter Raid Utility Lacking!

Sharpshooter needs RAID level improvements desperately.

According to, below are the strengths and weaknesses of the Sharpshooter:

Burst DPS :heavy_check_mark:
High Mobility :heavy_check_mark:
DPS From Any Position :heavy_check_mark:
High Crit Rate Skill Tree :heavy_check_mark:

:x: Squishy
:x: Low Stagger
:x: Low Destruction Check
:x: Animation Locked DPS

IMHO every class should have at least one High Stagger ability and a functional destruction check. I basically have to use consumables for destruction checks. We should have at least one skill that we can use in destruction checks. Since we are a DPS class, and we don’t really have any utility we should at least have the same as other DPS classes - something equal to the Sorceress another range DPS class. The one thing we did have was the ability to attack from any direction, now you’re taking that away. I think this patch was a lost opportunity for to provide Sharpshooters some meaning raid utility.

I main SS and i feel you a bit, compared to other classes he only has decent damage BUT he got buffed with valtan patch.
Atomic arraow has now stagger and weakpoint, charged shot has lvl2 weakpoint.
And stagger is not that bad on him he has 4 stagger spells but problem is the high CD.

If i compare Shadowhunter stagger and SS stagger you see a clown like difference, as an example in the neptun dungeon t2 where you habe to stagger the balls and the boss i couldnt rly do much vs the balls as SS but as Shadowhunter i run through the whole Cirlce and stagger every Ball + did most stagger on neptun^^

I main SS too,
but I think we are in an very good spot tbh. Every balance patch we get buffed. We are probably the secret winner in this balance patch.

There is no need to ask for buffs (except for PvP)

Reminder that all of our balancing is based off Korea, which is to say relic set bonuses, bracelets, and more engravings that we don’t have.

Most people consider sharpshooter to be in a really really good spot in KR after the balance patch. Things like Stagger and Weakpoint are easily made up for with battle items, which are basically a necessity for raids. You’re right that they might be lacking in comparison to others, but they now have the dps to make up for it.

I would suggest watching Tofuenn on Twitch. He’s a really high ilvl sharpshooter who frequently responds to question in his chat.