Sharpshooter stealth capping Co-op pvp

Im playing some Co-op PVP games and i noticed Sharpshooters are being able to capture points while they are in stealth is this some broken strategy where sharpshooters can basicly win any co-op game by their selfs by just stealth capping the points or is this a bug in the game?

I mean, they gotta be good at SOMETHING

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Hmm, you just AoE the spot when you see it’s being captured?

thats the problem you dont see it either

You don’t see the progress bar being filled in top middle HUD?

nope it only blinks 1 time on the spot the moment he start it. Like when you bait them to come to the point start cap > stop > then hide in bush > ambush > kill > free point.

ive tried telling 2 shooters i saw in my team but they refused to try it with the most amazing attitude ever…