Ship labout ship lining

I bought the ship skin 1 hour ago, but it hasn’t arrived yet, I restarted the game, it didn’t come. I would appreciate it if you could help

@faikgurtop Hello!

Welcome to the forums of Lost Ark.

So sorry for the bad experience.

Did you received it already or it is still lost?

If you skin is still lost please reach our team following this link:

Others had the same problem I had and you helped me, please help me too



dear Wolfes i did what you said i contacted amazon looking forward to your help

This is my ticket number V540710622

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Thanks @faikgurtop!

And thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I will let you know when we got news for you.

Again thanks for you time and patience.

It’s been 15 days still my problem is not solved