Ship Skins, events and pirate coins

Hi, first of all thank you for your hard work! The game has improved so much after the release and I couldn’t be happier!! I really enjoy the game and my favorite thing to do is sailing and the sailing events. However I got the ship named Astray and I ran into a problem which is that I cant or I wont use any skins with it. The ship just looks way too awesome and I don’t wanna hide it with a skin. The skins tho offer many benefits few of them being boosting sailing speed during auto sailing and giving resistances to different waters and these buffs can be very helpful during the co op events! But I can’t have the buffs because showing off the Astray ship to other sailors is way more important for me than few buffs! So i’m wondering if there’s any way to hide the ship skin or could the option be added?

Now about the events and how to get sailing coins. I feel like there are too few sailing events or the rewards compared to the events are too small since I have hard time grinding the pirate and the other coins. Most of the coins I get are not from the sailing events and that’s what bothers me. It would be nice to get the coins rather from sailing events than log in rewards. (not complaining about the log in rewards keep the coins coming!) but still I hope you got my point and could come up something. Thank you have have a good weekend!


Also new content on the sea would be hype!!!

I love sailing too, since i work at sea irl. A hide skin option would be very nice!
More sea activeties would be fun!

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I doubt I’ll be able to find the thread (I’ll have a look and update accordingly) but only having a single co-op sailing event was recently highlighted and acknowledged by the community team.

Was easier to find than I first thought: Why is sailing only for 5 hours a day?


Thanks you sir ^^ Can’t wait for more sailing!

I would like to be able to hide the skip skin too.