Shipwreck adventure maps

Did anyone ever get one of these?
At the moment it works like this:

  1. Sea events give keys for sea gates
  2. Sea gates can give diffrent kind of sea treasure maps. This can be a map to a shipwreck.
  3. The shipwrecks have a chest which can (probably?) contain one of the adventure maps which are marked with “shipwreck” and can be obtained from these.

But did anyone of you already get one of these? For me it seems like these are one of the rarest things in game. After 2 months of playing i have nearly achieved all of the vertical content on my main. Almost only things left for collectibles are reputation, releationships (both have a very limited daily progress, especially relationships) and shipwreck maps. But after doing sea events for 1 1/2 months as often as i could, including several times daily, i only got a single shipwreck map in total and got nothing from it.

How many shipwrecks have you been to and what worth mentioning did you get from it?

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Yea i got one or two back when i farmed my Astray, cant remember if it dropped in the Gate of Harmony or in a Map itself out of the chest.

Today I joined a Gate of Harmony event and got 3 epic treasure maps using 25 x Key of Harmony. (Those maps are NOT “Sea Bounties” collectibles).
Two of those maps led to Shipwrecks and one to a Exploration (also NOT related to “Sea Bounties” collectibles. It was some kind of strange spot in the sea in which my character starts diving and tries to reach chests of different qualities, idk kinda strange. It’s related to the achievement “The Big Blue”).
From these 3 activies (2 Shipwrecks + 1 Exploration) I got 250-350 gold from each one, and only 1 Sea Bounty/Adventure map (“Adventure: Aurora”) from only ONE of the shipwrecks. The other shipwreck and the exploration only dropped gold + “Eternity Essence” + “Soul Leaf” for the Card Catalog stuff.


It’s suppose to take a while to get all 4 of them

do they all drop from harmony or from different gates or does it not matter? (gold reward seems to be different from higher shipwrecks but the adventures are all in the gienah sea)

I did not find information about that but i got 2 out of 4 on Harmony Gates (302)

TLDR you must farm Keys then go into the Portal of Harmony and hope for a 1-Man-Map drop in the color (epic), that one is either a diving map or a shipwreck map (not the actual sea bounty) ON THAT shipwreck the legendary Secret Map can drop out of a chest.

Correct me if im wrong but thats how i remember it and someone above explained

ok cool. thanks for sharing that info

I got one on NA East Karta, I believe it was from the Gate of Endurance chest but it could’ve been Harmony… or might’ve been from finding another sea bounty… anyway, I figured it was just a normal sea bounty but once I got to the area it was a shipwreck instead of the telescope thing… then it prompted me to enter a dungeon instance. Don’t see any monsters but there were a few levels on the ship and you had to break boxes (and got a little silver) to move around. I was real surprised at the end to find a chest hidden in the shadow that had 1888 gp, then 277 gp and a green sailor. Not sure what else is here as I’m still exploring but here’s a screenshot of the loot so far.

I got over 10 so far but only got gold out of it, didn’t get the sea bounty nor legendary black fang =/