Shock Scrapper build update

Not a lot of people talking Scrapper because it’s still an underpicked class and gradual release schedule makes it hard to switch main. StiIl, think it’s a strong class in PVE at the moment.

How you guys changed your build?

I myself left “Crushing Smite” for “Judgement” and while I’m now not overflowing with green energy, it’s still manageable enough for me to recc to you guys to try out to drop a yellow skill. “Judgement” has exceptionnal stagger and doublecast tripod makes it the best skill you have for stagger checks however I like the 6sec cd for synergy.

Here’s today’s Deskaludas. Made a couple mistakes in skill order but for the most part the skill set is well oiled.

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Judgement actually costs no shock with a tripod, I use it all the time. Plus it lines up nicely for Conviction > Judgement (Roundup Sweep).
I haven’t had any issues with shock generation but then again, I’m not a fan of Death Rattle so I use Supernova instead.

You don’t need a 2nd synergy skill (judgement) to have 100% synergy uptime. The only reason you had two such skills before is because you needed both Fierce Tiger Strike and Crushing smite for their Shock generation at a low cool down. And you couldn’t take Focus on Charging Blow because you had to take the Ready Attack tripod instead.

The optimal setup (I believe) is:

  • Charging Blow
  • Fierce Tiger Strike
  • Dragon Advent
  • Roundup Sweep or Critical Blow
  • Chain Destruction Fist
  • Death Rattle
  • True Rising Fist
  • Supernova.

Dragon advent does comparable damage to Judgement. The reason I think it is more optimal is that it provides mobility needed to quickly reposition for back attacks, provides descent damage, and also more Shock generation for those times where you get a small window and want to unload as many skills as you can. Not to mention, if you’re not using Spirit Absorption and instead have a 4th or 5th damage engraving, the extra mobility helps. You can also swap out Roundup Sweep for Critical Blow for fights that don’t need a counter if you want more DPS.

I’ve seen people use the following set up to, and have been told it’s manageable, but I don’t think it is all the time:

Charging Blow, Fierce Tiger Strike, Roundup Sweep, and then Critical Blow, Chain Destruction Fist, Death Rattle, True Rising Fist, and Supernova.

Yeah this is 6 green skill build as well and it’s pretty tight but apparently manageable with maxed tripods and cool down gems on both your yellow skills. The only reason I wouldn’t use it is because using your green skills in a small dps window is not possible.

I run Judgement because no other green skill is sustainable. I also take the synergy because it’s better than crit chance and I don’t have room on my gear to support it either. Often times I’ll throw my yellow synergy on cooldown to generate more energy so having the green synergy is definitely a good thing. Definitely a good DPS increase.

It´s also possible to run critical blow instead of judgement. Instant overcharge. deals some nice dmg and helps with stagger checks

Don’t sleep on Instant Hit with the stun removal plus shock generation tripods. It does pretty respectable damage and works as a counter, it’s also something to squeeze in when the boss suddenly turns around.

For my setup I run:
Charging Blow
Fierce Tiger Strike
Crushing Smite
Roundup Sweep
Chain Destruction Fist
Death Rattle
Critical Blow

I replaced True Rising Fist with Critical Blow because TRF is a bit too slow and after a lot of testing, Critical Blow with Mastery only deals 20-25% less damage overall while having almost half the CD. Also, I have to run all 3 Focus tripod yellow skills because with Lvl 5 Swift Preparation Roundup Sweep, it resets a lot when spamming it for DPS and you need the shock upkeep for it and Death Rattle.

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What ilvl and build is you scrapper? Probably just the ilvl diff but I thought the dmg diff from the abilities would be a bit more compared to my tai. I’m often playing with the thought of swapping but it’s like choosing between a burger with 2 patties and 1 cheese and a burger with 1 patty and 2 cheese

Yes! I love that skill over Crushing Smite. Slightly less synergy uptime but extra destruction and some handy super armor and Shock generation is comparable with CD tripod.

I used the same build after patch.

I play Scrapper for such a long time now, did so many tests of all possible builds and as for Shock Scrapper this is the best skill roster/build i found to get the most damage and stagger pulled off.

How you tripod it is up to you, i went for max damage(except for battering fists, first tripod here went in more range) and shortest animation locks. That means every skill on level 11, charging blow level 1 and tiger strike level 4 with(obviously) synergy/group buff. Also it has good mobility and i put stagger runes on chain destruction fist and push through atleast.

I made a switch build with counter skill instead for chain destruction fist(for now, maybe i find a better skill to switch for in the future), if needed but overall that´s it for me. Whatever i try, i don´t find anything better, atleast numbers and dps wise. MvP wise it´s also always the roster/build i came back to since i always had best results with that personally as a Shock Scrapper, even though it was slightly different first and changed(got better) over the time^^

I don´t see any reason in such as judgement or other greens because for synergy tiger strike is quicker/more mobile and any other green skill besides the big 4 has less damage potiential than battering fists and push through. Even with the shock damage boost from stat points and class engraving they(the leftover green skills) do less damage in the same time, however you tripod them. The only optional skill for me is roundup sweep for counter, but even that skill isn´t so good anymore with the big delay between 2 usages now…

That’s very strange to read. Both my Judgement and Roundup Sweep do much more damage than most of the stamina skills, regardless of the tripods. My specialization isn’t even that high right now.

The only exception would be Instant Hit with the stun removal tripod and even then it just barely does more than Judgement (But still less than Roundup Sweep), all with a huge cooldown. Earthquake Chain is a decent contender with the combo mode tripod but still has a long cooldown and animation.

@Hamingja In that case it was only about battering fists and push through, they definitely do more damage than judgement/roundup sweep overall if you tripod them right and upgrade the right tripods. But i wasn´t actually right about stagger on battering fists, it´s not really good on that but imo all you need for stagger is push through, chain destruction fist and some quick follow ups/starters.

People always disregard “Judgement” saying “I already have synergy” and to me it’s not a valid argument. You have to compare what all other skills bring to the table.

Rough Smash : ++energy +synergy --damage
Fierce Tiger : ++energy +synergy --damage
Judgement : -energy +synergy +weakpoint ++stagger +damage
Battering Fist : +energy +weakpoint +damage
Iron Canon Blow : ++energy +weakpoint +superarmor --damage
Dragon Advent : +mobility ++superarmor --damage

In my opinion it’s hard to support another big green skill (Critial Blow) and that leave “Judgement” as the de facto contender for reference. The synergy tripod is taken because honestly, it’s the only tripod worth it - not to mention if you run a green skill, you will find yourself using Rough Smash on CD for energy and therefore reducing your synergy uptime.
As I said, Judgement stagger is off the charts it’s not even close. Combo tripod can be used for stagger checks but else I’d rather have the 3rd option. And while the DPS isn’t great it’s still the top choice for damage packed in a short CD with fast animation (flexible damage).
Now, if you’re willing to sacrifice that damage for a yellow skill you will find energy management to be A LOT EASIER. Battering Fist keeps the damage but you’ll be missing out on other stuff which I think are more important. The problem with Dragon Advent is that you’re sitting on it most of the time.

So far I think the most balanced choices are Judgement + Rough Smash and Iron Canon Blow + Fierce Tiger Strike.

I’m trying a build with only two shock generators right now, Charging Blow (mobility tripod) and Fierce Tiger Strike.

The shock skills are Death Rattle (shock explosion tripod), Supernova, CDF, Judgement and Roundup Sweep.

Surprisingly, I’m not really having energy issues if I pay attention and do the rotations properly, making sure to empty a full bar on Death Rattle first, while having both stamina skills off cooldown for a followup.
It can be risky if you mess up but the damage ceiling seems to be very high. Likewise, losing Dragon Advent cripples mobility. This also kinda relies on Conviction+Judgement rune uptime.

Judgement costs no shock with a tripod, it’s great. It’s also very easy to have a permanent upkeep of the 6% vulnerability debuff if you run Judgement along with Fierce Tiger Strike.