Shooting my shot with this mistake I made

So I hit 1340 about a week or 2 (probably somewhere in between) and received 20 purple class engraving chests (10 for hitting 1340 I believe and 10 for boss rush in t3 for the first time) via the Welcome Challenge.

I made the mistake of not reading the description that reads the books will not be able to be listed in the marketplace and redeemed my first 10 as mayhem thinking I could make some quick money only to find out they aren’t tradeable.

Now im stuck with 10 mayhem book and 10 still in their chests.
I am a Gunslinger main and have no plans to make a berserker because I honestly find them really boring and unappealing.

So i’ll shoot my shot and ask if these can be changed to something else or I can be given the chests back.

Please no flame. I am aware this is my fault and I am not entitled to any compensation for it but worst case scenario to me is just a “no”

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@Roxx Saw you in dev tracker just now and you seem active at the moment so not sure if this is allowed but i’m pinging you for your opinion if I can get it.

Sry man im fairly sure you wont get new ones, if you dont want them to go to waste make an alt zerker… anyway its a Nice adition to the engravings collection

Yeah I am also fairly certain I will not get new ones or anything at all but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Cheers, friend!

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Hello @savagepeaches, welcome to the forum.

I’m sorry that you’re stuck with untradeable engravings for a class you have no interest in using, unfortunately we can’t restore back the chests.

In the meantime, you could store them in case you ever change your mind and decide to create a Berserker, otherwise if you’re sure you’ll never make one, you can try selling the engravings to a merchant so they don’t waste inventory/storage slots.

Unfortunate. Thanks

I did the same. Now I’m stuck with useless books for me unfortunately. The chests description should be fixe tho. It is not clear. I think evetyone knows what this is about.