Shop and Matchmaking still not working on EU

Shop is disfunctional. Matchmaking is disfunctional. I’ve been trying for 1h now to get some crystals and pheon tokens to buy a skin and its just not working. Same with queing for any multiplayer activity. I can’t play the fun part of the game all i can do is solo quests. This is a terrible experience. Also what about the people that loose rewards because they cant que into for example guardian raids? I know there is a rest system but its been like this since launch. Would love to see a quick reaction to this since the game is simply disfunctional and not fun like this. I grinded like 10 islands to get my character to T2 and i cant even try out my new gear because the queing just doesnt work. At this point im not having fun anymore. Please tell the dev’s that this should be one of the first things they should be working on right now. If it helps just give people free character transfers to the new EU west server (not just one-> for alts too) because I and probably everyone else will not take a disadvantage/annoyance due to the game not working.
Server: Sceptrum

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