Shop down, aura missing?

you’re delusional.

tell that to ags, not my fault this shit is happening

NAE - Una

NA East



It will all be returned shortly once the store is poked. Guess it just wanted to take a nap on the wekend…


Elzowin - NAE is also having these issues

LOL. they may just give you a negative balance bro :rofl:

Regulus. Still can’t use any aura or marketplace shop




and honestly i would not be surprised, ive learned to have no expectations when it comes to AGS and this game

there fixing it? good, thanks

Same here, UNA aura missing

Danube has the same issues

Regulus -_- aura + gems and inventory items

region: north america east
server: azena
main character: Riperoni
pls give me it back, ive had to use 3k in silver to triport now after i paid money to make sure this didnt happen

It’s not just the Aura. My blue gems show 0 in game in addition to shop not working and aura not working.

I hope the compensation involves rapport items as well since without aura we are losing rapport.


I agree, I want 100 unmarked pheons in a non-descript bag or else.

Meet me under the Rohendal bridge, and come alone.

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The Original post says this: “EDIT: YOUR AURAS ARE NOT GONE NOR ARE YOUR CRYSTALS OR ANY SHOP ITEMS. (they are all tied together to one program that we’re fixing now)”