Shop Issues and Aura

So I had an issue where I tried to buy something on the store but it wouldn’t work.
I clicked purchase but nothing happened. I tried again a couple of times and still nothing happened.
Then the shop would keep popping up on the screen and it wouldn’t stop. So I had to quit the game and reload.
Now back in the game, I have no Aura, and also it’s purchased the items 3 times. So I am out of pocket for more items then I needed.
How can this be fixed please?

Tried relogging again. All purchased Items have disappeared, including all my crystals.
Get this fixed now.

Greetings ! :dragon:

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We apologize you are having issues with the items you purchased.

Since we need more details of you account we recommend you to contact our customer service via chat to report this via a ticket so we can continue to assist you.

Thank you for your support and patience .

I have done this. Thank you for your response. Gonna be honest, it’s been an awful night in game. Not being able to do any matchmaking, and now basically losing everything. Including them items I purchased because they have now disappeared.
Until it’s resolved, I’m just not going to bother playing.

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