Shop skins with blue crystals

Not sure if I just imagined this but didnt they say skins will be able to be eventually purchased with blue crystals? So royal first then blue? Otherwise why the fok did I convert most of my gold to blue lol

If not… anyway to make gold with blue crystals? Other than selling unbound mats and using those as prices have tanked…


Items bought with Blue Crystals are untradable so there’s no getting your gold back.

The honing materials on Mari’s Shop should come out to costing less gold than buying from the Market, but I only looked at Honor Leapstone.

380g for 95 blue crystals
10 leapstones costs 20 blue crystals- 40 leapstones for 380g (15 crystals left over)
40 leaptstones at 19g per 1 on Market is 760g

My understanding is that skins haven’t ever been sold for blue crystals before Alar.

They’re sold for gold by RC purchase players and that’s how F2P players get them.

This is a better model than Blue Crystals for both sides IMO. As you mentioned Gold and Blue Crystals fluctuate like crazy currently. RC is static thus the gold cost will reflect that. Selling Skins for RC is also a much better F2P model by reducing any need for predatory gearing actions.

If they sell skins for blue crystals they’ll likely never see another dollar for them including myself. I’m happy to buy skins for real money but I’ve easily gone through 40k blue crystals and would never buy RC again if I knew I could buy skins with blue. That’s not really a sustainable system.

mari shop item price is supposed to be automatically reflected to market price as other servers do. But remember AGS fked up mari shop on the first week and it was down for a few days? I think they couldn’t figure out the fix in global version and decided to make them static price instead of auto price change.

Well, that’s another shit show from AGS I guess.
Check what KR mari shop looks like, their price automatically changes upon market price change

Mari is not guaranteed nor supposed to always be a better deal than the auction house.

Here is a picture of a recent Mari shop rotation. At 101 blue crystals you can buy 4000 T3 guardian crystals. 101 blue crystals would be roughly worth 2000+ gold but 4000 guardian crystals is worth less than 400 gold on the auction house.