Short feedback on gear upgrade system

I find multiple things in this game fun but the gear upgrade system in T1 and T2 is just taxing. You have proven data that shows players enjoy T3 content and the systems that allow players to bypass T1 and T2. So why make us suffer for a unknown amount of time? I will be taking a break from the game until we get the quality of life changes for gear upgrades that we are missing. I just wanted my opinion on the matter be known. I look forward to playing again in the future.

It honestly doesn’t take long at all to get to T3 we T1-T2 is basicly just islands and storyline. A little grind like 1-2 days if you are unlucky. Then T2-T3 isn’t that long either Once you do the Quests and Islands you will be close and if you bother to make some gold along the way it may be a little slower but you can do bigger leaps. T3 so far has been alot slower due to no real quests but even so its still quite fast 2-4 upgrades per day without touching Abyss or Guardians due to hopeless Randoms.