Short list of deal breakers


I’ve played on the Russian servers for about 15 months and I noticed some things in the EU beta that gave me pause.

  1. The NPC recolors for Western audiences.
    No. Just no. I don’t have to elaborate on this so I’ll just say a few words: I don’t care about your western political woke agenda. We don’t need politics in every facet of our lives. It’s a Korean video game and there is nothing wrong with the way the NPC look. I protest your decision to recolor Asian looking NPC to appear more Western. The NPC still look like they’re of Asian decent, just with dark skin. It’s offensive to look at.

  2. The islands that shower players with material to advance to item level 500 in 3 days.
    There is a lot of content in Lost Ark, some of which comes from doing islands. Some of these are designed to allow players to catch up to other players in a different tier. The islands offer an excessive amount of lower tiered material, not a big deal when end game is at 1500, but a game breaker otherwise.

  3. The translation.
    While the story and NPC dialogue is a welcomed change from the unofficial Lao translation, there are a lot of items, names and places that have been changed from their original version. I don’t understand the reason behind this. I can only speculate, but I’m guessing that there is no good reason behind it, similar to recoloring the NPC.

  4. Too many items in Mari’s flash shop/black market.
    The other regions that host Lost Ark have limited the amount of items sold through Mari’s black market. This is a better idea than allowing the cash shop to become oversaturated with 8 backlogs of items. I’m aware that different regions consider their player base when making decisions about the kinds of services they offer, but as for optics, it’s not a good idea for a new game that already has so much pay to win speculation, to be offering so much pay to win.


I apologize, but this is a terrible take. There is nothing wrong with an NPC of any skin complexion.


I haven’t gone through all of the replies in this thread: Asian Base Faces & Presets Replaced: Why? - #29 by Tatsurugi but I’m pretty sure the community aggress with my take.


That thread is about character creation presets. You are talking about NPCs.

Agree with point 2

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Actually it’s about both.

So from now on every single japanese or korean game that gets published in the west should have recolored npcs for diversity’s sake? … and somehow there’s nothing wrong with that, wow.

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  1. It baffles me how many people claim they don’t care about “woke” agenda but are the first ones to speak against it. Lost Ark KR having more asian faces than western faces is also a politial agenda, btw. :wink:
  2. You having a problems with the change of names without understanding the reasoning behind that is also kinda mindblowing. Of course they are going to change korean names into western sounding names, cause westerners ususally have a way harder time to remember asian names like Duck-Hwan than remembering a name like Peter.
  3. Since those are deal breakers for you anyway, you can just keep playing the russian version.
  1. I don’t care that they want to include racial diversity, but I understand that, having played korean mmo for decades, this is weird. Koreans making a game filled with korean looking people is not an agenda … Lost Ark was not supposed to be released outside Korea in the first place.
  2. Names like Abrelshud are an issue and Brelshaza is easier for you ? You are being racist just by thinking every npc is named Duck-Hwan.
  3. Deal breakers are valid feedback points, this is a feedback forum.

On topic, I agree mainly with raid difficulty being too easy and islands awarding too much, and with marie’s shop.

Translation wise, I mean, I’m used to the russian one :

So I’ll take what Amazon gives me :smiley:

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Lost Ark KR having more asian faces than western faces is also a politial agenda

Are you for real or just joking?
Are you telling me a game made by koreans would have more asian NPC duo political agenda?

Except some key NPCs, for story purpose, that you would find again in different places, the NPCs made for their particular zone are very well consistence in culture and aspetc.
Lots of quest giver in the fisrt island feel like people from the actual medieval/gothic europe, and not some out of place asian guy.


Also, the name changes make no sense :

That epic boss character has an epic music going during the whole fight, and her name is chanted multiple times … Well, Abrelshud is, not Brelshaza. I don’t understand how it can come to this. Creating work when no work is necessary, all to make an inferior product.

I just googled both names, saw 2 videos, one containing brelshaza raid one containing abrelshud raid, seems like those are 2 entirely different raids. Maybe there is a really good story related reason why the same looking person has two different names in two different raids.

No, you probably watched the US version of a raid and a Russian / Korean version of the other. People have played the game long enough in KR and Russia to know it’s the same person, with one name.

Yes I’m serious about it, if he thinks making some NPCs western looking for the western audience is “political”, then obviously making NPCs korean looking for the korean audience is also political. If you insert politics in literally everything, then you have to have it both ways not just one ways…
Kinda weird that all you guys do is talk about a political agenda and at the same time cry out that people talk so much about political agenda xD

You show bad faith.

This is not about making western NPCs for a western game. This is about altering work already done, an imported product, to fit a political trend. The context is different. An analogy would be to buy some traditional kimono and then retouching it to make it look like your western wardrobe. Which kinda defeats the point of buying a kimono in the first place. Except here, it’s not about fashion taste, but political trend.


If it’s not political changing already existing NPCs (that are not only asian/korean like) into black people and call it “westernization”, than what is political?

Why change only to make them look like black people?
Where are all the greek,latin,spanish,italian,german,franch,slav,etc… looking like people?

Let’s not focus on this point anymore. It’s the least important bullet point of your feedback.

But as usual, someone comes with nothing to contribute and disregards the opinion of others.

This is the biggest deal breaker for me to be honest. The progression is way too fast.

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What you are saying isn’t happening.
Skin color being darker does not equal black person, kinda racist of you to say that.

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Exactly. It really goes to show how some of these people have their own racist “agenda”.

I only remember seeing one NPC that actually looked black in the game, and that was a nameless grunt in the prologue. Every other NPC I’ve seen with brown skin has looked like some kind of south asian or non-black middle eastern or just a white person who got an ultradeep tan.

The characters were not made black, and black people aren’t the only people in the world with brown skin. These people complaining about “black” characters are just so racist that they can’t get their hatred for black people out of their head.

I don’t know where people are seeing all these asian npcs anyway, most of the characters are white.