Short list of deal breakers

I think they just used a shortcut - albeit a clumsy one - to describe the change of skin color. I never took it the wrong way, or rarely. What you are saying though only shows how stupidly Amazon is making these changes. Skin color by itself is as meaningless as hair color if there is no culture or history attached to it.


I genuinely think that because presets were changed, faces were altered in game.
I know for a fact that the original game Smilegate made was a mess. And a lot of underlying code is probably set up this way to make character generation easy.

So amazon went and changed the presets only to accidentally change factors in game, because the same presets are used in population.

I show bad faith?
You called me a racist for pointing out that asians and westerners have different kind of names and therefore difficutly in remembering them xD
Chinese people literally give themselves two names, a normal chinese name and a “western” name cause of that reason but here you are calling me a racist for stating simple facts, smh…

It’s so funny that you act like they are changing the whole game to look entirely different, while the only thing they did was just to remove some preset faces. They didn’t even change the look of any NPCs like you claimed they did. The clip linked here was clearly a texture bug, you can clearly see how the pixels were all messed up in that clip… (and you call me bad faith…)

By now I kinda get the feeling you don’t even know that there are advanced settings and you can tweak the face so it looks like the presets that got removed…

Quite possible. Game code can be very finicky with the most minor of changes causing problems in other areas of the game. It happens a lot with other MMO’s so I would not be surprised if Lost Ark has the same kind of problem from Amazon changing character creation presets.

It’s korean, not chinese, to begin with. Abrelshud isn’t harder to remember than Brelshaza, and this goes for pretty much every other name in the game.
I didn’t call you racists because you said that it’s harder to remember asian names as a westerner, but because you said the npcs were all named Duck-Hwan, which isn’t even the case. There is a difference.

I do not act like they are changing the whole game, I don’t know how someone could infer that.
I didn’t comment on NPCs faces, just the issue with the name not matching the song played during a boss fight and it feeling weird, again, you infer things I didn’t say.

I didn’t talk about the texture bug, it’s obvious it is one ? Are you confusing me for somebody else ?

I played in RU so I think I know about face settings, thank you.

All your post is bad faith.

Lastly, there are 4 points worth discussing that OP wrote, and I think it would be better to focus on those instead of pulling each other hairs.

It’s a shortcut used by people with racist views because they are just using it as an outlet for their hatred of black people. There is no reason for anyone to look at most of these characters with brown skin and think of black people, unless they have literally never seen another brown-skinned person who is not black.

As far as your second point I kind of agree. I think adding diversity was a good thing, but I don’t think they went about it the right way. If you’re going to change NPC skin color don’t just pick random NPCs and change nothing but the skin. Make the desert people brown instead, make it part of their identity. It would feel more authentic than people in the desert being pale as hell.

I’m torn because I was not offended by most of these posts, but I also agree with you having seen it often. It’s difficult to convey our thoughts and their true meaning in real life let alone writing them so I just give it a pass, the benefit of the doubt.

The important thing here is the feedback about how to best do the work they want to do, and the 4 points the OP made - the first one being the less important to me, to be honest, and race wasn’t mentioned in it but skin color, which we all agree is different.