Should Control Glaivier be buffed or not?

Just a simple question because everyone says Pinnacle is stronger, but by how much exactly?

Have you tried doing a DPS test?

Pinnacle is stronger early, but Control has a much higher DPS ceiling with high level gems, tripods, stats, etc.


no. the game is balanced around relic sets. once you drop those and you get your tripod and gems control outclasses pinnacle.

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Control and pinnacle are both viable, i think pinnacle is stronger but if really like playing control, just play control

It’s fine if Pinnacle does more damage because it’s a bit more difficult to play and it’s the “intended” way to play the class.

Control isn’t weak by any means though. You just need relic sets for it to really pop off, just like a lot of other classes.

From personal testing and napkin math with full relic set I think they are almost even on DPS. Pinnacle might be a little bit stronger trixion DPS and in actual fights because it’s non positional but overall they are average DPS compared to other classes except current outliers like Scrappers, Strikers, Deathblades and Sorcs.

Control glaivier is stronger than pinnacle with full entropy set. Who cares what “people” say…it’s just how ti is.

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Pinnacle is actually weaker end game because they lack a good 5th engraving. If you look at pinnacle classes in the endgame they all run Mass Increase. Control has a higher ceiling endgame.


just play pinnacle till next gear is released.

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endgame it better if u master ass hugging + uptime debuff but it nid alot of work , same as wd striker etc , btw should move to class disscus?

If this is your main character that you will be honing to max and playing as a main go control right away. Who cares about early-endgame DPS if it is easy and you will have no problems clearing it anyway? In late game, Control is stronger. There is an opinion in KR right now, that Pinnacle glaiver is one of the underperforming classes that need buffs.

Control glaivier is pretty good. It simplifies the class but you have a good variety of spells that do decent enough stagger. I play control only because the game won’t let me equip more than 8 runes. That was when I decided I would play control glaivier. I’m glad I made that decision.

not a fan of control… played it for a while on 4x3… now 5x3 with full nightmare it is a whole different world with pinnacle. will never go back to control

my KR friend told me long before that control outperform every aspect : dps , uptime debuff in endgame lol he even show me dps compare before with is control handicap with only 18 LoS set and still do better , only thing pinancle better is dont have to backattack all the time which is not a problem with korean rn

Control has higher DPS than Pinnacle if you test DPS with a boss not moving. Pinnacle more effective for raiding (blocking, jumping, +counter etc) red skills

Nah, even in real settings Control is much better than Pinnacle in late game content right now. Pinnacle is stronger pre-relic, but once you get your relic set control is the better build for sure.

Pinnacle is in a pretty rough spot in KR end game right now in comparison to other dps classes.

control is fast , uptime debuff and back att is not a problem when u get used to it , i can 90%+ back attack land on vykass easily so i dont see the problem here , and for what i know so far that really rare case u have to switch to hallu or salvation for the fight

I am having no problem taking mvp as Control glaivier against any class in the game. Even though trx dps test is around 10-20% lower than other classes, its easier to land your rotation and back attack, which makes it so much stronger than Pukenacle.

If you have the choice to build Swiftness then do it.
It’s going to be the optimal build because the stat is simply too good.