Should Dailies be so limited?

Only 3 seems insane… why? Lets say I’m working on stat potions, like kindness, wisdom, charisma, etc… to unlock various rapport NPCs because I have to… so I do 3 dailies to do that… but then I want to hone, but can’t because I am out of silver, so I look up how to get silver and the guy in the video says, “Hey, go to LoPang Island and do dailies”… but wait, I can’t do dailies because I can only do three a day.

Now you’ll say, play an alt… but why should I have to play an alt? I don’t want to play an alt. I want to play my character I’m working on. Also, is silver even transferrable between alts? I don’t even know.


i havent done any una task for virtue potion and i am done with Nia, Sasha and Nineveh. You can do it too.

To advance your main, the whole game design revolves around alts. This means sooner or later you have to play an alt to advance quicker than you can just playing your main. Silver and gold is a shared commodity between all your characters, you don’t even have to manually transfer.

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How is that even possible? It’s literally not. There’s no way I can get the Kindness, charisma and what not for Nia or Beatrice without potions.
I don’t even think I can get the stats with them… this game is insanely gated.

If they change the daily limit, it will change the silver income balance (there are more than 3 lopang quests) and the leapstone income balance. this last one would change a lot the servers economy.
so not so easy to change it just because “i don’t want to play alt”

For your last question : silver, gold, all things in your last tab inventory (boat stuff, island token, craft components, etc etc) and most moneys (all except sylmael) are roster bound.

The game is designed, is thought around playing alts. You can dislike it, you can prefer focus only one character, no problem for it, but it won’t change the game is designed around it.

lastly for virtue… did you do ALL quests you found ? because most virtu points comes from there. note that while Nia needs 330 kindness to do her quest, 450 is needed to give her the best epic gift. meaning that there is far more than 330 kindness to “gather” (even with a skin stuff full kindness it is less than 120)
there is in game the codex also, listing all virtu pots (including out of unas)

He just said that you can do it without the potions of Una’s tasks.
And he’s right.

You actually don’t need any Potions at all, just burst through with gifts

If you miss the window to “burst” you can’t do it after

Do the foggy rige quest chain, adventure tomes world bosses/hidden stories/another stories, codex → all quests except unas reps for charisma/wisdom/kindness/courage, achievement → play 150x song of ___ yields around 25-30 charisma. Every NPC ive done was without a BOMBING.

Nia: Wisdom: 330, Kindness: 330/420
And I’m currently at Wisdom: 255, Kindness: 238

But so many of the codex items are time gated, an island that isn’t up, a daily I cannot do cos I’m locked at 3 a day, a rapport level somewhere else without even rapport items to turn in… it’s insane… do people find it fun to see everywhere you turn to is content you cannot do?

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codex is not the only way
lot of quest can give 1 point there, 2 point, or even 3 point

Also, world boss gives virtu state first time you kill them
So does the “stories” in your adventure tome (right column)
Many side quests gives points

basically, i was able to do 330/310/310/330 without focusing on unas virtue potions, but i had to buy wisdom/kindness skins (Lawmaker Set C)

just logged in to see.
Without my skin stuff :
kindness = 363 there are 3 pots in una (so … 30 point)and there are island yet i never was in, so quests to do with change to get some points…

i only have charisma as low stat (271, don’t have any of the una pots, and many pots are behind some rapport) all other are over 350 (i have the una’s pot for the three other)

Play alts, just playing part of the game doesn’t justify your want to change something, it’s just an opinion and your opinion doesn’t matter in this case.

Game isnt meant to be played for an egregious amount of hours. Thats why its considered casual friendly. You literally play at your own pace. By that I mean you play one character, or you add an alt to the mix, or 2, etc. Either way, the game is designed to limit the player so you dont end up playing too long and to give people who have limited time comparable pace of progression (given they log in daily, etc)

Also silver is a roster bound resource.
If you want enough silver to progress your main, getting alts to T3 to have extra dailies for silver + chaos dungeon is huge. Its like another 100k a day.

Stop selling lies. You DO NOT need alts.

I am one girl kind of guy and I do well.
BUT teach people how to not waste silver instead (I have wasted many on my journy).

For example, stop rerolling your gems.
Sell unwanted gems and buy the ones you need. Its almost 1:1 gold rate exchange and nonsilver wasted on the way.

Because the entire game is designed around you playing alts? You get 6 free chars to 50 with easier honing rates and mats for them.
Its a core game design

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But you have to enjoy playing alt chars in the first place. If you do them just because you must, it is not a good approach.

Youre given tools to drastically skip the grind on your alts. If you dont want to make other classes then make all the same class. Youll progress your main and your roster alot faster.if you dont want to put in the time theres always MasterCard.

No this is 100% not true as it will tell you that you need to finish the rapport quest before giving any more gifts and the quests are locked behind stat requirements.