Should I be worried?

Should I be worried that I might get falsely banned if I got a sick accessory and sell it for >200k gold? I recently got a 98 quality adrenaline 5, ambush master 3 ring and am actually worried about selling it. Any help appreciated.

my guild sell all of the accessories for 100-500k all the time, they still playing, dont worry too much about it, if u get flag and banned then make an appeal to the customer service via mail simple as that

Someone got actual help this way?

Not as far as i know.
Tho, i’ve never heared about player getting banned for 100k transaction via AH.
Only those above 400k with lvl9/10 gems etc.

We have seen many many posts on here about people getting banned for selling an accessory for 150k+ gold claiming they were innocent and it wasn’t rmt. The thing is nobody knows the truth. I believe ags are such a worthless company that they would give false bans everyday but I also know from mmo expierence that players will lie till their last breath to try and escape bans.

Pretty much like everything else around here it’s rng. You are never safe with ags as the publisher lol.

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That’s why i’m worried. I should be excited that i got this drop but worried instead lol. Im just going to put it up for sale and hope for the best.

No, just sell it if you want to.

I’d just make a new DPS =that could use it lol.

I asked an AI for you this is their reply

Thanks for asking the AI. That’s a pretty generic answer lol. As expected. Appreciate the help!

Hmm, it is a generic answer.

Much like the answers we get here asking the official channels…

Well i guess if you sell a 200k Shield Piercing/Master Of Escape with Domination they can ban you but if it’s a good one so why would they ? Ah yass it’s AGS so everything can happen :slight_smile:

If botters can get away for selling their gold, you’ll be just fine sweetie :slightly_smiling_face:

the highest i sold was 150k and nothing happened

YES, of course so.

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