Should I buy Legendary Engravings NOW?

I’ve seen the prices for my jewelry and that make my sad.

So at this point should i just invest on 1 legendary engraving?

if you have 4x3 bis atm, then start working on books now before you go for 5x3


You will still have to pay a lot You all said you need to save Gold to buy books it will not bring you the 5x3 You also need very good accessories that are currently very expensive

Just waiting for everything to change is what I do

Just stop tapping on hone and u will have it in no time lol. I started 9 weeks ago on eu and and my scrapper already has 5x3 with legy class engrave learned. And no I am not p2w I spent 100eu on pass and cosmetics thats all.

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Come back in a year and everything will cheaper…except fish

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