Should I hold off on completing Weekly Una Tasks?

Some of the weekly Una Tasks reward relic ability stones and I am wondering if I should hold off on completing them because I am on the cusp of getting to tier 2. Does anyone know whether those rewards would update to tier 2 once I complete the Yorn quest or do they only update once a week at the weekly reset regardless of player progress during the week? Thanks!

The rewards are based on your ilvl, not story progression even tough that plays into your ilvl.
They do update during the week if you reach the threshold for higher tier loot tough so you can put off turning them in to get better rewards.

On the same note, might as well put off finishing your dailies untill they award you t2 mats if you’re confident you’re reaching that today.

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If you know for sure you will be done with tier 2 before reset, you should hold off.

As others have said, the reward is honing material/boosters for your iLevel tier.

But the amount of stuff you get is not all that much. Personally I wouldn’t min and max that much and just do the content I want to do.

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