Should I quit my job for Lost Ark?

I know it might seem a bit hyperbolic, but I work 6 days a week during the times of certain events like sailing co-op. It seems that my only options for obtaining the rewards I need to progress in areas of the game that I enjoy are to find another job where my work hours do not conflict with the events, or to just never complete that part of the game. I just recently received the blueprint for a new ship that I was very excited to obtain, only to find out that I needed quite a few sea coins in order to purchase the necessary item to finish the quest. What is the best way to earn these coins in a timely manner? Sailing co-op is the best source that I found through my research. However, as much as I enjoy all the aspects of sailing in Lost Ark, this is one part of the game that I cannot take part in because they are scheduled for only a small part of the day on certain days of the week depending on the location.

I am not actually going to quit my job for Lost Ark, but there really isn’t any other option for me if I actually want to participate in this part of the game. I would love if the devs would add more times of the day for sailing co-op, but at the very least I would like a response explaining why they decided to have these events at very specific times and days that exclude a portion of the player base.



You can get huge amounts of pirate coins from doing certain islands - Blackfang’s den and Freedom Isle give a whole bunch, also there are many una daily tasks through peyto, and pirate factions that will give you lots of pirate coins as well

the timed events are really not required to progress in the game at all, sure you might be locked out of a few rewards, but nothing substantial, and there are so many timed events that eventually even if you don’t have much time to play you’ll get some of these events when you’re able to play

I appreciate the reply, but it isn’t pirate coins that I am worried about, it is the sea coins that come from the high seas chests. There is also a finite supply of quests that you can obtain the currencies from, and they only provide enough for a few large purchases.

Also, I am a bit of a completionist, which is why Lost Ark really appeals to me with all of its collectibles and achievements. I don’t mean to sound rude, but I am not interested in finding alternatives to reaching certain goals in the game; rather, I would like to know the reasoning behind having a small set of events occur at only a specific time of day, and why they cannot be made available at other times.

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I’ll reply with a completely unexpected comment by saying mmo’s especially LA type in which there’s loot boxes and gambling with honing, is a major waste of time. This is my second mmo that I’ve invested myself for a while only to realize that I’ll feel empty after I reach max lvl/gear just like I did with my first mmo. I guess I haven’t learned my lesson the first time hoping this game would be different…only thing that I like is the gameplay but it gets old after an hour so I log off

If you need to stop your life to play that’s unnecessary and fucked up.

But you do you.