Should this be fixed in your opinion? Getting double the rewards from founders pack bug (possibly exploitable) - NOT ME

I’m interested as well about possible ban :confused:

Hope items are removed and bans given out in clear cases of abuse. E.G duping 10 cases or something.

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Does that mean all the extra rewards have been removed? Or just that the bug is not longer giving people duplicates?

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People still have their duplicate items and are already trading them on the Trading Post. Not sure if AGS/Smilegate will remove these items but it’s really de-valued the founders packs when people have 10x+ 7k Royal Crystals, each outfit and all colours of cerb mount at their disposal.


good ol’ AGS going at it again…

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I have the same bug and I insta reported that to the support. And just for your info, you only getting the pack, not the crystals. Which doesnt make things better. But people tend to freak out without having an insight. So, ye. Those people havent gotten 10x 7k crystals, but the pack.

Hey Roxx, we really need a statement regarding what will be done about the already duplicated packs. It’s really demoralizing seeing people with all colors of the mount and the plat skin on every class when those of us who didn’t exploit only got the one. Not to mention reports of the skins flooding the market.

Apologies for misinformation regarding Royal Crystals but the point still stands that people are effectively getting X amount of gold unfairly by selling duped items on Trading Post. People also have 5 months + of the Crystal Aura and all Amethyst Shard rewards (from knowingly duping twitch drops). Hopefully we can get an official statement soon.

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Lol thats me, I was so confused… Good too know its fixed now, did not abuse it as you can clearly see that I was shocked…

Its all good and I do understand all of you. As it is for me, I didnt touch the 2nd plat pack I got. It is still in my product inventory and I am waiting AGS statement regarding the bug and waiting it to get fixed somehow.

I think its not even a “bug” what you can do on purpose, I got it randomly by claiming a item I bought in the cashshop…

But as I said even better its fixed by AGS, maybe just remove the Founder things from every account, its really unfair but yeah.

yep the only thing to do remove absolutely all founder items currently in the game and then give a fresh pack to every owner of founder pack dlc

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I am not a game engineer, still I think its not that easy, people sold it over auction house, other people spend gold for it, some send it to other people via post.

Just removing all items would be a ripoff for those who paid ingame currency through the auction house.

Thats basically not fair to the people who paid gold, so I kept all the stuff un my account to not affect any other persons.

So AGS if you read this feel free to remove it from my account :smiley: I just wanted to state here officially and public that I did not use any bug intentionally, I just bought of something of the Cash Shop and I paid for ALL Founder Packs anyways so atleast leave me my original ones ^^.

Greets Merc

PS.: some on discord even said that I faked that lol to get more viewers.

well if they are a legit working company they should have logs of said transactions

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Yeah as I said it would be 100% fair to revert all the things, but if you remove the stuff, please make sure to give the people who paid gold for it their gold back.

As I said I did not do anything with it so its on my account.

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So I spent 100€ for that for 1 mount, 1 skin, 1 character slot and there is people that got 10x dupes or more and they are tradeable on the Auction House, so someone that only bought bronze is running around with these skins now? Is this a bad joke?


Can you please confirm if you are removing duplicates being sold on the AH and banning exploiters?



How do you want banning exploiters? How about ppl who just are new ingame and still kind of confused clicking on every pin on the UI? This happened to me, I realized that it is duplicate item just after opening that chest when all content was thrown on me. Placed this content into stash and do nothing but still opened the first box. And I believe there is tons of ppl like me. You cannot ban us. Also rollback is stupid idea since this is like 24h problem, so loosing all progress from bought earlyaccess is stupid. Hope this have some other solution.

As easy as deleting dupes and checking which users got more than 2 duplicates and put that on the AH to make money

I dont know if there is something like a algorithm which can do this per every acc and delete dupes. I dont think anybody even though this may happen. This is not like you can program something like this in a day. Also doing it by hand is nonsense - too many players.