Should warrior classes be nurfed!

i have been playing the game for a while and it seems that all warrior classes have an upper hand other words broken in some way
! gun lancers, destroyers , zerkers !

thoughts !!

Are we talking about Arenas, PvE, GvG? It’s weird you didn’t mention Pally when it is the most broken warrior class.


Are you talking about PVP? Then yes, nerf Sriker.

Tiger strike + piercing strike tripod is busted in GvG. Ignores 80% of defense and can one shot gunlancers

If we talk about PvP nerf Sorc, Striker and DB xd also CC from gunners requiers rework its too OP xd Artilerists also are too strong stun and u dont have 3/4 HP cant do anything. Sorc has to many CCs and dunno they always activate why there are no resistance between them returns? Warriors execpt palla are average not bad not good. Pallas already got nerf… imo were overnerfed and needs further balances we will see.

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i duno much about pvp but pve i can assume most class balance in 1490 so far ive seen every class mvp if they play well in legion etc ( ofc with my b*g d**k pally dmg buff )

in all aspects warrior classes are more stable all rounders weather pve pvp mass pvp etc . while other classes be high in one aspect and low on another … the class population is tilted toward certain classes that could be cause of the meta or just some classes perform better . well my statement was about does the class need nerfs a better would be . do we need another rebalance patch to put barely played classes into the playing field !

i cant say much about paladin . since the only 2 supports in the game atm if we dont add artist to the equation they are fairly balanced between the 2 in a sort of way . while paladin can easy run with out heavy armor and take another somewhat useful engraving from the limited engraving they can slot in 5x3 etc bard have some better tripods that shift in game play etc . paladins still better at providing more consistent damage buffs

i mean those class got dps mvp cuz got my dmg buff up time xD jk

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I’m urging everyone who never PvPed as a paladin to try it and then stfu.

Mainly DB and Sorc players.

I’d like to see you play with 0 super armors.

I play all classes to some extent and they all seem to have strong points and weak points. Try them all out even if you don’t like them and it will help you learn to deal with them. Aside from that the more skilled player should always triumph and in this game that is usually how it goes from my experience.

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This thread is so troll. Basically a random statement with ZERO context :rofl:


You know that only berserker is a popular warrior class in NA/EU right? Gunlancer and pally are 2 of the least played class. As far as destroyers they are only popular in pvp.

I played paladin and it’s one of the classes than can carry arenas. It’s easier to carry on a pally than a gunlancer for arenas.

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Yeah, when you get the hang of it.

But if you want to do any actual damage, it’s so frustrating even if you know the class really well.
For example playing against Gunslingers is next to impossible if they just want to prevent you from being useful.

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