Should you aim to get 2 non class specific legendary books?

I just gained a lvl 4 leg cursed doll. With the prices of grudge books versus crystals. It looks like its worth investing in gettting my lvl 4 grudge instead. Is this generally a good strat or do most build end up using a character specific leg in late game relic / early ancient gear. Meaning should i invest in my main (DB) remaining energy instead?

Going 2 battle engravings is good for classes like blue gunlancer where they only need lvl 1 of their class engraving

Class engraving accessories are way more expensive, so usually good to get the legendary book for that. But it rly depends on your roster

i have a DB, blue lancer, eostoric stiker, shadowhunter (demon), low lvl zerk

if you play mostly level 1 classes then getting a second combat book is really high value. For most of the popular level 3 class engraving clases tho the books are cheaper than buying 5/3 class engraving accessories it’s just there is technically resale value for the accessories compared to the sunk cost of class engraving books.

is it possible to run 5 x 3 + 1 x 3 ( class) to ofset the loss of class engraving lvl 4?

Meaning 5x3 and lvl 1 class engraving? If so the only way to have 5x3+1 in our version is to have 12 12 books and a 9/7 stone and yeah i think it’s worth investing into grudge and your class engraving, as long as your class engraving isn’t absurdly over priced at the moment.

My Soulfist class engravings was only 1500g-2000g per books so it was worth it for me

Later down the track, do ancient gear give more engraving points?

Yes, the most you can have in the future will be 5x3 + 1x2

Bracelets don’t add to engravings