Show me your honing failures

So it’s a pretty hot topic, and I keep seeing people say they had 100 fails on a single piece of gear, which…is actually impossible, but that’s neither here nor there. But if people are really at 1340 and failing nearly as much as they say they are in an unreasonable manner, let’s see them. I’m 1382 to for reference.

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Took me 192 failures to hit 1370.


Shocking…1 reply (thanks by the way). Meanwhile:

in 36 minutes fast approaching 30.

Currently 1354, sitting on mats for now.

Edit: Sadly i think I entered Tier 3 at like 68 fails LOL


Yea those numbers are definitely a bit of a reflection on why more materials injected would be a big help. Sadly I think I accrued most of mine split between the 2 tiers. I also stopped using buff materials and sold them unless bought from mari’s (bound) as it just seemed more efficient to fail 3 times at 10% then buff to 30% one time lol.

I’m at 1332

I dont upgrade anymore at 1353 waiting for the patch today had 6 upgrades 6 fails…fk it

i think i stopped at around 90 fails. at 1336… i don’t play anymore so can’t check the exact number. till i see some interesting announcement… but yeah +90 fails

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68 fails to me were fine, I was more so highlighting that I’m closer to 100 fails just for 1354 into T3 right now, that’s where my LOL comes in.

Honestly I thought the T 1 and 2 content and pacing was just about right, it was a struggle but not a wall. I always had something to do, however now in T3 I’m finding more and more with less and less collectibles rapport and side tasks to complete that I really just don’t have much to do other than slam and fail.

Obviously not new to this, many year BDO vet, also played on RU quite a bit (1425) I just don’t think the current pacing of our version of the game syncs up very well in T3

Agreed, totally. I’m just not sure how one goes about making that pacing feel better. I mean I’m about 350 hours in, and I feel like had I only needed a quarter of those honings to get to cap and complete Argos…I’d be a bit fearful of the rush of content. I feel like there are a few different camps, and everyone is kinda blinded by the way they think the game should be released. My brother for example took one look at the cards, gems, tripods, and various systems in the game and said hard pass. Then there are those that will devour content to its extreme on release. So hard to satisfy so many.

this makes me want to cry for you…

Yesterday I failed 10 in a row, got the pity upgrade, and then failed 10 more in a row.


1350 right now and entered T3 at 45 fails.

Have in mind - this depends on how much alts you have and how much Enchant boost mats you are using.

1365 but 2 alts in T3 as well. I think this achievement is roster wide so that would skew the numbers.

Absolutely…I have 1 alt T3, 1 alt T2. So the numbers are certainly matching up. It kind of makes me thinks the extra content for materials is the play, not honing increases. I mean I don’t know are on average for a couple of T3 characters having around 150 failures too much?

Just seems when other people talk about it they make it sound like one character has had 100+ failures across like two pieces of gear…

That’s rough…I only had one pity in T2 and one in T3…and one my alts had one.

I’ll be honest though, nothing has had me want to break a mouse more than cutting a T3 Expert/Awakening stone and going 2/1/7

I heard someone say that the average honing fails for people to reach 1370 was 180-190 but idk.

Yup lol.

I’ve actually had I think 5 pieces go to 100% artisans so far in T3. They were only +12’s too. Then on my way to +14 I one shot 3 pieces. I do think that some people just get fucked.

Keep failing trying to get to 1340

Holy. I must be really unlucky in the past. And I bought the luck items, but stopped cause I didn´´t feel its worth it.

Tier 2 and alt :slight_smile: :smiley: