Show off your boat!

Here is my Mokokanue (Lv10 Eurus with optimal sailors)! I also have the legendary compass for +3.0 Knots, so with food buffs I can reach 50.9 Knots (65.9 Knots during the race)! Of course high-end Astrays can beat me in a race but I think this close to the (if not the) fastest non-astray non-orca boat!

Showcase your boat setup here!


That is beautiful! How do you get all that stuff or a boat like that?

thats the skin you get when you collect 1000 mokokos

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Ohhhh! I’m at around 200

The sailors are from various sources: Stronghold merchant, buying from trade ship merchants, and trading Tears of the Abyss to the merchant on Isle of Mist. The skin is from 1000+ Mokokos collected, and the Legendary compass is from 65+ Island Souls collected.

Is there a bunch of boat specific skins in KR? I see one here for the sturm-whatever that nobody uses. 99% of boats I see are the hermidas song skin. Would love to see some really cool ghost ship ones or any boat really.

I’m working on a super rare one but having VERY bad luck with adventure island souls (40+ adventures with no soul).

Optimized level 10 Estoque here. 60 to icy/storm/dead waters, 31.8 knots with blue compass, 42.9 with fast sailing.

I stay far away from dead waters… those eat up my cute little boat in about 60 seconds! I think the developers messed up with balancing the hazard waters in that the dead waters is the worst of all worlds: disables skill, clouds visibility, slows your boat, and does huge damage! On the other hand, kelp does almost nothing negative to your boat aside from the movement speed reduction!

How does one get that compass?

Dayum lv10 Eurus already?

Opher, the Lonely Island.

Rewards from turn in island souls

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What exactly is there to showcase right now? Everyone pretty much uses the exact same skin, or default. :rofl:

Ah crap. Well, thank you for the reply.

Yep, but since I do co op sailing quests I need that resistance. Though it cost a lot.

…but since it’s an account unlock it’s worth it since it’ll be with me until I stop playing, and when I return it’ll be there.

My highest is my lvl7 eiberns wound. Havent played in a bit so i have no pic for you folks.

But im using that fast sailing skin anyway.

1300 Sun coins short of getting Relic Barakas and then I’ll be done.