Show the population on the different servers

Do you have a server status overview, with the population count of each server? If you want us to move to a lower population server, i think it would be helpful to show the population to the playerbase, so we don’t switch to a server that’s almost full after 5 minutes.



If they don’t I think we atleast will see an indication quite fast as servers will go live exactly when the maintenance ends at 18:00 CET.
I myself will be moving from Zinnervale at that point to one of the new servers to join my friend who is starting.

Same here, but i’d be wary of moving to another server without any indication of the population size.

I would like to know as well. to start over now and have queues starting tomorrow evening would be pretty bad.

agree with this. since i am still at low level i don’t mind switching server but i need to know the population size before moving so i don’t end up on an even more densely populated server or a ghost town server