Show us your skins

This is the only skin that I have… Bard…

I am curious what the other skins look like in-game.


not many skins to show lmao


and that skin looks ugly tbh compared to the korean ones.

I know…
But I would still like to see what other toons are wearing.

i can`t… servers in maintenance… please stand by to show an edited skin… :smiley:

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What is that skin, and did you dye it?

Lawmaker skin from founders pack. and ya dyed it

Looks good.

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Nice to actually be able to dye the founders packs… Us lesser players who moved to EU West were not deemed worthy to be able to dye ours…

You can’t dye your lawmaker in EU?

Not in EU West… The founders replacement pack we received were unable to be either dyed or sold.

ok party pooper

Well that sucks…
Wonder why they did that?


I think that skin is very beautiful. Looks fantastic in-game.
Maybe she is too covered up… but that’s for another topic… lol lol lol

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I believe this is Lawmaker A (“White Set” with gold lightning)

Lawmaker B (Rusty Red Set with Red Lightning), Dyed Purple and Gold, 100% reflective

Martial Artist Alar Skin (Made 50% reflective, with French Blue, maintained existing patterns)

Paladin Plat Skin

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Oooooo nice…
Thank you for showing them.

Here is my lawmaker skin


Looks fantastic…

Can’t wait to see the new skins… I may buy 1 of them for my sorceress.

The abyssal Omen set