Show us your skins

That looks amazing…


This is the only one I could get before the servers went back down.


Some updates:

Apocalypse Berserker:

Apocalypse Lancer:

Abyss Lancer:

Abyss Bard:

Apocalypse Sorc:

Dark Omen Sharpshooter:

Dark Omen Gunslinger:

Apocalypse Deathblade:


Apocalypse Sorc… I didn’t know there were that many skins out there… nice.

@mNox … Beautiful. Did you color them?

@Yaza … Looks very majestic. The horse is cool, and I love the blue smokey/miasma bits.

What do you mean bro? Thats literally the same set for the different classes.

“So many skins out there”
Yeah, right.

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My 2

Nice… did you use a pattern on the last one?

@Carmellia Seeing as I dont have every character, I wouldnt know that its the same skin. Some of them look the same, but there are differences in the others. I have seen the Sorceress and the Bezerker before, but not the rest.

They look… ‘dark’… Are they the new skins? I haven’t seen those yet… so

When I found out you couldn’t dye the new skin, it stopped me from buying them.
I wanted to buy the sorceress skin and dye it white… no chance of that.

But as for my Shadowhunter… she would look good in that skin… But it’s not much different than what she already has in-game.

My Mr. Moustache never looked better <3


Thats so gooooood… he looks badass.
And strangely attractive. Must be the bad boy thing he has got going… lol

The white one is a Lawmaker skin dyed and patterned at the skin mod npc.

The male character is today’s omen set.

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Heres a better one of today’s skin, other 1 was janky my fault.

Tbh im also buying character creation reskins when new skins come out so I can totally match, I know I have a problem.

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Looks really good to me. I don’t understand all the hate to the new skins.

@zodiak I love that in white… looks fantastic.

If anyone needs a basic black to match apoc set just use 3B3B3B, snow white is just FFFFFF.

I was testing the screenshot thing in game :smiley:




I was really disappointed that it wasn’t some sort of necropolis. Still pretty good, just not what I expected.