Showcase trailers really needs to improve

Hello everyone,

After watching the last founders pack trailer, i cant help but bring myself here and make some comments, i think many people will agree, but please let me know if i missed something:

Overall as a whole is a cool video, the presentation is nice! HOWEVER.

  • Lawmaker skins are shown in 3 characters only, while we already know the armour piece is the same for all characters, we couldnt even see the weapons of other characters

  • Regarding the founders pack, its really bad, there is only 1 frame where you show 3 skins in front, in the rest of the video you see many characters zoomed out in the middle of action and you cant see anything at all. You cant tell who is who and you cant tell ofc how their weapons look like.

I will leave you here how a proper showcase is made, from Path Of Exile guys:

They have tons of videos like this, you can see everything very clearly.

When its about the pets, they are fine, they are well presented, i have no complains here, almost the same for the mounts, althought it would be better if you first showed each colour standing still and then in motion.

I really, really encourage you to watch the videos form PoE guys, this is what people is expecting, just a showcase of skins, not another action trailer, otherwise they wont be able decide buy future packs.


NGL, I also agree that the showcase trailer was bad. I bought a gold pack, but was hoping to see all of the options/details in the video they’ve been teasing for so long (and we’ve been asking for it for even longer). Felt lackluster