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Why is it allowed to change real life money into ig currency but not ig currency into real life money

( some do but if cought could get fucked right)

2am random thoughts xD

A game wants your money to never leave the game economy or else you can profit from their game.

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Because ToS exists. Scrap the ToS and you’re free to do whatever you want.

Because you are buying a COMPANY property … but you CANT sell a company property … pretty simple .

And here I am thinking if i washed my hair or not in the shower…

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But technically u dont sell the property u sell a currency in the property or nah

I think it is quite fair in what they are doing with royal crystals.

Cosmetics while some are able to be purchased with converted gold, some are there only to be bought by real money only originally.

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Well, it’s a F2P game so that inherently cuts into their profits based on design of the game.

F2P games essentially cut into both B2P and the Paid services Market that has existed for many years. In some recent cases, legally. In majority of old cases, legally.

A game can be designed to facilitate this however they also need fraud protection. You might recall Diablo3. I made about $1,500 first month then quit before bots moved in. For better and mostly worse the game was designed in this way with Blizzard getting a cut of every sale.

There are plenty of older MMOs where it was not against ToS but these were also B2P and Subscription. Companies saw gold sellers making money and figured they’d get in on that.

F2P / Mobile structures proved to be the most profitable of designs.
Thus most MMOs are F2P now and it’s against ToS. Simple as that.

Ok thanks yeah it makes sense to not lose profit on that but also kinda greed i mean stopping people from doing so will never work anyway xD

I thought you were saying I need a shower after playing many hours of Lost Ark… Well… I do.

But are you talking about money laundering or something?
If so, thats illegal.

Now back to my shower.

Well stopping it doesn’t work as well in modern MMOs because the design of a modern MMO is very predictable. There’s little in dynamics of how you approach progression in the game.

An Auction House makes this even easier. So Bots function very efficiently.

If someone were to design a bot for pre-WoW MMOs most would not be very efficient because the ways you progressed and gained gold / items was more dynamic. Dying also often had heavy consequences that could set the character back hours.

But yes, in the end it’s all about money. I doubt a company cares if you get scammed.

IG Currency to real life money do exist though there are plenty of 3rd party website selling gold for Real money which involves with botting as well… so yeah it works both ways but the “legality” part is debatable…

I still remember the good old days where I earned 700+ dollars from selling set items on Diablo 3 auction house.

They allowed us to withdraw the proceeds to Paypal. Good times.

Yeah thats the point of the question i guess why is one ok the other not tho technically its ur time and money that u reinvest

Was Answered by Xorn already cause companys dont want to lose profit i guess

because if an activity can yield real life currency the whole lot of different laws apply. You would need to tax them for example (meaning they would need to report them to authorities, especially US ones no matter where you live, those are the nosiest of all). People generally are not allowed to transfer money “just like that”. You can earn them. You can win them. You can be gifted, or inherit them. All those cases have different laws how and when it can be handled. You can’t “work” for someone and “be gifted” money for example.

And since the game also contains a game of chance earning real money would strictly send it into hazard area and laws. And that’s hard pass area. Effectivelly the Netherland is treating the game as such right now. So be glad the rest of the world is not.

And the reason why it’s mentioned several times in all TOS, CoC, and such, that any and all real money transactions or “services” are prohibited. And nothing in game has any real world value. So it cannot be attacked as a hazard.

If LA enters my mind during shower thoughts, it usually ends in hopium honing success and then pain when I try honing for literally no reason after feeling good about it. My fucking brain is my worst enemy.

Cant u just write it of as i did a donation atleast in germany thats tax free and u can just do it kek thats how our politicians get there corrupt money i mean ofc their earned money

ofc you can. Until the first report arrives to authorities or they randomly ask a random person where those money on the account came from :slight_smile: Obviously you only have time until AGS annualy report. Then it’s done :stuck_out_tongue: