Showing my Appreciation to Lost Ark Team

Hi Lost Ark Team,

Apologies, if I would be generalizing it as LOST ARK Team, since we know for a fact that, developers are not the only one involve this very big project. We have the PM, PO and all…

Anyway first and foremost, I just really want to give commendation to you guys for doing a job well done, I just really want to do this, because what I have been seeing starting Day 1 are mostly negative comments / concerns and issues of people. So I am hoping that this appreciation letter will somehow start a trend. We all know for a fact, how tiring this is, sleepless night, stress and a lot more.

So I just really want to say thank you for doing a job well done, among all the games I have played, this is the only game where the team listen to its community, where the team tries to be in the shoes of the people and see how everything is. It really warms my heart to have been playing Lost Ark.

The game is really fun, addictive and very very much enjoyable to my hearts content. Yes, definitely there are still some stress due to RNG on drops and honing, but that’s part of the game anyway so it does not matter.

Anyway I do not want to keep this lengthy, I just really want to say THANK YOU for DOING SUCH a GREAT JOB and YOU GUYS ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED

All the best :slight_smile: