Sick and disgusting!


You are a psychic amazon. You don’t need a doctor to find out


u mean psycho?

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nah bro, psychic, they’re predicting downtime :rofl:


I guesss the OP like to play the game filled with bugs and errors


Just the F2P game , now I don’t care anymore

Yea it kinda scare me where the biggest spenders gets punished the hardest.


Of course. And game developers create free games out of love and passion.


The compensation is good. Isn’t the maintenance at night time in NA and during early morning in EU (ie at times where you are supposed to be sleeping or working)?

the compensation isn’t good at all, if you broke it down into math it would just come down to how much u value a select card pack but that vs pheons being at 200 or even 100+ is 60$ or more so can I ask how this is good compensation??

Confused where the legendary card pack is coming from but keep in mind, this is still net 60 pheon gain, as in if someone spent 100 pheons, they didnt “lose” 100 pheons as they didnt have them to begin with. In the 100 pheon example that person would be buying 100 pheons at a 60% discount

Yea sorry I brought the legendary select card pack into play with the hyper express to 1445 (which has nothing to do with compensation). As if to quell peoples anger like you got screwed over but here’s a legendary select card pack in the hyper express so i guess what i say still stands it depends on what you value

I still dont really understand what you’re saying in terms of “depends on what you value.” The compensation is not for a trade off between something vs the comp reward. Its for the repeated maintenance and unclear communication during the week

What the **** is this?
Why do I need it if I can’t even make it better?
Are we starting to create more and more bound items?

my quote has literally no correlation to the topic u followed it with but I’ll entertain it anyway… The gems are there so that newer players or people making reapers have a way to do dailies/legion raids without being completely scuffed as a placeholder while they obtain gear and gems

Use your head and think, lvl 5 gems is really good for a new alt or for new players. It’s huge.
It’s also anti-bot. Imagine bots getting all those lvl 5 gems pumping them into market.

16 * 1.5k~ = 24k gold

That’s huge for new players or new fresh alt if you are still not far into the end game.


We were tricked into spending Pheons we otherwise would not have spent. That is what happens when you offer free credit to customers. They spend it.

To demand payment afterwards, refuse refunds and deny service until the debt is paid is unacceptable.

AGS deserves all this bad energy, as they showed how little regard they have for their customers. They are just trying to extract USD. Even players who weren’t affected are upset, disgusted at the behavior of AGS, and you should be as well.

The solution was obviously truing everyone up to 240 Pheons, while firing the employee who sent out the accidental gift. The next obvious solution would be to just delete all the purchases made with the accidently gifted Pheons.

The worst solution, only considered by the most despicable companies, is to allow these transactions and force the players into debt. Restricting AH access on the day of a new class release, until they swipe.


Don’t lie to your self with the new tripod system everyone was gonna use/buy pheons regarthless.

The best thing to do is to stop spending and see where the game goes. With all these decisions being reversed and compensations coming out a lot more than usual, spending right now is just not the best thing to do with how unstable the game feels, I know I’m going to do that.

yea im so scared to spend a single penny since the pheon gate.

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