Side quests bugged on my main (first character) after using Vern Pass

Hi, so the thing is I boosted 2 alters on my account with the Vern pass, and now I can’t complete my side quests on my first character. It should be this way for my alters but I don’t know why is bugged. It’s like the mission is there but i can’t complete it. I can´t destroy things. I recorded it.

Zerinna - LATAM - Arcturus

I hope anyone can help me. Because i can’t get that rewards now. Im pretty sure this shouldn’t be this way.

Hello, @dz1y

I’m sorry about the issue that you are facing with your quest , did you try from the Quest Journal, attempt to abandon and restart the quest.?

If the issue still persists, I would request you to please contact us through live channel so we can further escalate this by creating a ticket to the Dev team for a resolution.
You can contact us through live channels by following the below link:

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Yes, i did it my previous mission, and it disappeared from my Quest Journal. Now look, I did it with the video’s quest and It is “completed”.

Is the same mission that i was trying to do.