Sight Focus Engraving not working?

Hi there.

This engraving should buff you when you write “!!!” in chat for 6 seconds.

The buff indeed shows up as “6s” first, but after the first second when it should hit “5s” it dissapears.

Is this a bug? I tried multiple times every time it dissapeared after 1 second.

Did you see a significant drop in dps when tooltip not present but still in the supposedly 6 seconds activation period?

Is there a tool or how can I test this?

My only guess is go to Trixion and use Training Session. Can set up everything including summon boss / mobs

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Its because the buff only applies to the NEXT skill you cast. it doesn’t say in in the tool tip when it really should, it only says it in the buff you get from it. I focused it thinking 6 sec burst windows every 30 secs would be nice, but its useless to have and feels bad to have put resources into it…

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