Sight Focus rework

Hi all,

I think that the sight focus should be reworked in some ways. It’s a pretty decent engraving but to use it generates some bad things, like spamming in every 30 seconds which is even against the CoC. Can you rework it in a more player-friendly way?
I know it’s not up to AGS but maybe they can somehow collaborate with SG to resolve this. It just doesn’t feel right that you are forced to spam every half minute the “!!!” to use an engraving and meanwhile it’s against the CoC.
Don’t come with “Don’t use that engraving” or “It’s a useless engraving” comments because those are not constructive.

adding another chat mode would solve this and give some benefit for non sight focus user as well

for now we have normal, area, guild, party, raid etc. why not add a tab that has only player in it

one can use that tab for memo purpose as well as sight focus chat spam disposal

Yes but still needs some rework, the description of “Sight Focus” says that you must say it in the normal chat otherwise it’s not activated. I like this idea btw hopefully the CMs will bring it further to the AGS and later to SG.