Significant FPS drops since the 5/19 patch

Some of us have been experiencing massive FPS drops since the patch came out, particularly during chaos dungeons and boss rush. I haven’t had this occur anywhere else and it seems to be caused by certain bosses spawning. The drop is so bad that it’s nearly a second or 2 before the next frame. It makes the game feel unplayable when it happens.

All I want to do is leave this here and hopefully get some acknowledgement of the issue. It would be nice if this could be passed along for Smilegate to look into.

EDIT: None of the troubleshooting steps help. LA is the only program that I have open and it still happens.

EDIT2: A solution that worked for me and others was to go into the “Manage My DLC” section in steam and un-check the Korean voice pack. This fixed the issue and still allows use of the KR voices.

Here are some sources of others having the same problem:


Just got a response that the team will be looking into this problem!
Thanks for sharing though.

Something needs to be done about this, looks like they dont ackownledge it as a widespread issue

Yeah, typically the first thing support suggests is to go through their troubleshooting steps. In this case, it’s not my rig, which surpasses the recommended specs and plays other games without issue. I think we’ve provided enough evidence that this isn’t an isolated issue.

Oh, so I’m not the only one having these issues…

Nope, not alone.

Confirming 3 more situations where FPS dropped like this: The spider boss in a scenario before Ark of Arrogance, the golem mobs before the golem mini-boss and during the final boss fight of that dungeon.

I’m also seeing people say there are FPS drops in Yorn by the honing NPC, but I did not experience this myself.

Certain bosses like the butcher and Tarsila causes frame drops in chaos dung/boss rush, tried doing Fatespire floor 47 on my alt and it’s basically unplayable.

Yeah, chaos gates, boss rush, etc is barely playable

Those are annoying but that fatespire floor is impossible since you just get perma frozen.

Having FPS issues after the big Valtan update as well. I contacted AGS and gave them my DxDiag. Just for reference, my forum post is here: Texture settings bug / causing FPS drops since Valtan update

I’ve had big issues with massive stutter when mobs die/drop loot, the only way I’ve been able to resolve it is by turning off loot/group loot and exp in the chat window

I made a new chat window with just party, normal and raid chat and it’s as smooth as it used to be when only that window is selected.

Seems this is my issue as well (linked below), was only happening severely on my lvl 50 destroyer which benefits from the stronghold battle exp buff. What I did above is a fix for this until they sort it out in the client

May also want to repost that here in the English Support forum.

That’s not the cause here. Seems to be tied to certain mobs spawning.

From my experience that seems to be the case, I’ve been putting off some of my weeklies due to it.

Hopefully we get a response before reset.

edit: fixed mine by changing KR voice pack to ENG, after trying everything for several hours.

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I just ran into this in the Elite Cube (the pirate boss) and in Boss Rush, it only happens with certain bosses…unfortunately I do not know their names.

There’s a solution, have you come across it? Just open up steam, go to “manage my dlc” for Lost Ark, and un-click the Korean Voice pack. If you don’t use the KR voices, then I don’t know what could be causing it as this fixed it for me.

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Great, I’ll try this! Thank you very much<3