Silence does more harm than good in this case

I understand that the roadmap is being adjusted still and cannot be shared. I also know that the feedback we have given has been seen and is being shared. In my opinion though, silence does much more harm than good. @Roxx you have already acknowledged that you know it is frustrating for us to hear that you are working on it and this is true but I think you also know that silence only further frustrates people and creates an even bigger rift with the studio and the community. I do see small glimmers of hope with the battle item event coming this weekend and the removal of ilvl limits on the event vendors, all of which is great QoL but everyone is confused about whats going on with the fix for the perceived misfire of the Argos patch and every day that goes by without a solution simply makes it worse. I give this feedback with as much passion and assurance that this comes from a good place and a desire to see this game improve, we need to hear SOMETHING from you guys with some substance on this issue. I think you’re doing a great job at trying to stay visible and I know your hands and the other CMs hands are tied with information that you can share but I implore you to impress upon the powers that be that there needs to be more transparency and communication beyond what is given right now. Here’s hoping that this week brings some good news for us all.