Silly censoring

So, whilst trying to type something in chat I realized that you can not say “3, w” when trying to say “T3, when” as part of a broader sentence. This seems silly to me. Any other dumb censoring people have come across?

Edit: Just found out it is actually “3w” or anything like that you can not say

It’s not just english language. Finnish language has a lot of words and phrases that get outright censored.

Reminds me of Runescape chat filter days of old.

Please give an ability to disable chat filter, the game is rated and meant for adults - we should be responsible enough to control the chat.

I wonder what language does “3w” mean something offensive?

Might just be some RegEx gone wild.

might have something to do with bots, 3w could fill in for www (which is not censored btw)

Typing something with strings of numbers ends up censored in some cases.

Like me explaining about my personal life describing it with years like 1997-2008, and that got hit with the filter.

You can type the phrase “f u” or “f u :)” but not “f u >:(”
(For context the phrase was “leech off of u >:(”, was not trying to badmouth)

The censorship is crazy. I get that it’s to prevent bots from writing certain messages but it’s really intruding on my gameplay as well

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Trying it out and seems that any combination for 4 numbers - 3 numbers is censored.
Also I said something with “of ukraine” but of course the end of “of” and the starting 2 letters of “Ukraine” is naughty

I was unable to type “1340-1385” the other day when referencing an iLvl range. Made absolutely no sense to me.

i had tried to ask a question on the area chat and i needed to put it 5 times because i didnt know what part of it /what words it picked up and i used absolutely nothing offensive.