Silver is a gamebreaking bottleneck at this stage

In my general understanding of the game, you “can” make average 250-500k silver a day. By specificly going out of your way and doing tedious and time consuming grinding on multiple alt characters. And with what i call casual gameplay (1-3h a day), i earn aproximately 100-150k a day, mainly on chaos dungeons and cube.
6 Ways to Farm Silver In Lost Ark

And with the newly released event system, which encourages all of us to upgrade our gears to the point of 1370 and beyond. To let us reach the end-game. We are using enourmous amounts of silver in T3.

To give an example of a T3 upgrade 1370 to 1375 on weapon:
105k silver on getting the xp shards to get 100% gear XP
30k for each attempt to upgrade.

On average i believe i spend 150-300k silver an upgrade.

But gear upgrades is not the only thing we need silver, which leaves us with all the other things, such as:

  • Gem rerolls
  • Facetting of ability stones
  • Adventure Tome
  • Card upgrading
  • Potions
  • Awakening shards
  • Stronghold
  • Transport: including Triport, Ocean Liner, Bifrost

With my current situation at less than 100k silver. Im bottlenecked to the point i feel its gamebreaking. My biggest point in all this, is the insane amounts of silver that were gained in the early gameplay compared to now in the end-game.

Other players in similar situations:

Add more ways to make Silver in game or reduce/remove some of silver usage please

Silver is a gamebreaking bottleneck at this stage

Selling back silver bought items to merchants (lost all silver by mistake)

We need more ways to make Silver

Please consider including Silver in the event rewards next week

I remember my what i like to call “newbie days”. Having around 5 million or more of silver happily re-rolling gems, facetting multiple ability stones, converting my silver into gold by selling chaos shards, the days where i actually bought potions from the potion vendor. But no more.

Ideas of “silver things” to be changed:

  • Reduce honing silver cost
  • Reduce gem re-roll costs
  • Reduce facetting costs
  • Add silver chests to future events.
  • Give us a daily/weekly roster method, to obtain silver, that does not involve using alt chararacters.
  • Challenging content that rewards silver “non tedious grinds”
  • Most “junk items” and items in general sell for 1 silver. Make worth something.
  • The joke of a PvP vendor platinum coin price for 5000 tokens?
  • Make silver a purchaseable ressource from crystal/premium shop

Big shout out to: @Roxx @Seawolf ! And thanks to you both for doing outstanding work in the community by giving us updates and replies to questions in the forums.


Im 1370 sitting at 5million silver what did i do wrong??

More silver would be good for everyone tho, dont want to be that guy


This is very true, currently i am stuck at all gear 14 lvl. (Bow already 15) im talking about 1370~. Its just too expensive to upgrade, there are no easy ways to farm silver. Don’t tell me that i must have alts all T3 and take una tasks, that’s not a problem solve. This game indeed needs some thinking about currency balance, honing balance and other stuff. PLEASE @Roxx somehow check EU centralserver, it’s super hardcore to make gold. One more time pls don’t tell me that i can farm gold like other youtubers, hell no j am not going to sit in game and watch market prices when to buy and sell. Im not going to sit in game for 12 hrs to farm fish or smthing to sell for a joke price. Resolve these problems.

I dont see an issue here. The hole game is based around grinding stuff. So its just natural to also have to grind for currencies even though you allready could upgrade based on honing materials.

Im totally fine with it and cant see anything gamebreaking. Maybe dont be so over dramatic?


Maybe for you ye, you have a bunch of time and you don’t work and you don’t get tired, but i do. I spend most day working and i am a human as well who loves rpg games and i just want to have opportunity to have some gold as well. Don’t be that guy and don’t tell me that this game isn’t for me, that’s stupid.

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Another thread complaining about silver now that they have added more ways to get enchanting materials.

Just farm for it. Why does everyone have to complain about every aspect of this game?


Nah i dont. I am also working and play maybe 2-3 hours a day max. I just dont care if i reach a certain point tomorrow or next month.

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Telling facts about problem isn’t “complaining”.


Just because you have this issue doesn’t mean it’s a design problem. It’s more of a you problem.


If you are in a different region idk, 1 time just take a look in EU central server and see market prices. And you will see that making gold is hard.

Well i am not the only one who’s having this problem. :slight_smile:

You’re not the only one not playing the game right. :slight_smile:


I am in EUC. And still, i have no issue farming couple days, weeks, month.

I am pretty sure i am playing it correctly :slight_smile:

Then why are you broke? :rofl:

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I am not broke, i am telling that making gold is hard. Take your time to realize what’s going on.

So you like doing Lopang and chaos dungeons every day multiple times a day spending hours n hours for almost nothing?

And yet we receive 5-10 million silver early on? Like its going to be the most abundant ressource in the game… Nah man… nah

If it takes you hours and hours to do those dailies then god help you my dude.

Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it is impossible right? At the end it will just feel much better if you achieve your goal…

I will live with the comforting idea in my head, that you will be in my exact same situation in a week or two. When you start honing at 1370 and above. 4 million silver is nothing.