Silver is a gamebreaking bottleneck at this stage

No, i dont and im also not doing it every day. I do it when i want to do it. Not because i have to upgrade or want to spend it otherwise. Only things i do because i have to are working, sleeping and you know, the toilet thing… But sure as hell nothing that has something to do with a game.

I have 8 mil silver.

Good for you, you were smart. Im not playing the game correctly.

But i dislike doing content that involves missions, quests and repetetive boring content such as chaos dungeons over n over. In fact i skipped every piece of story “chit chat” and every cutscene

I have absolutely nothing against fighting the hardest abyssals and guardians, its fun challenging content, and i actually oppose in every god damn way, that abyssals is a weekly thing. It should be daily.

Hmm, that just tells me you started the game recently, lol.

Are you past T2 yet?

Welcome to an MMO.

You need to grind to get to those things and silver is one of the many grinds in this game.

Also, I play the game and grind silver I’m not new.

Trust me mate, i have played 10k hours of black desert online.

I have nothing against grinding in general, it has to be braindead grinding tho, like just running around killing mobs over n over. but i dislike being forced into using multiple characters.

Actively having to create chars, upgrade their gear, hone their gear, facet their stones, buy potions, but awakening shards, grinding the materials, doing every single thing for every character. Its really tedious. It doesn’t feel rewarding at all.

Surely the 100-200k you can get from a T3 alt is nice, but every step before that point, is tedious and time consuming. That whole process is what kills it for me.

By the rate that these complains of gear upgrading is going they might just as well give everyone +20 gear or completely remove honing materials and let players do it for free…

People seem to want everything now and here, which is not going to work! This game cannot and should not be completed in 1-2 month period, it is literally YEARS of work to get there and western players are just impatient AF…


Completely agreed, the new Argos raid was released way too early. I know their plans are for us to catch up to korea/RU, but i surely hope that wont happen anytime soon.

Thats the reason im even pushing my gear at this point, so i can get to 1385 to hit P2, so i can get to 1400 to hit P3. Because that is what i probably, like most other players consider to be the challenging content that i joined this game for. Like guardian raids and Abyssals.

Ill tell you your (likely) biggest issue. Do NOT reroll gems outside of T3 and even then id just buy for gold

With how fast we are upgrading our gear (which Smilegate and AGS have said is what they want us to do, upgrade quickly and get to end-game T3 content) the current silver sources don’t match up - if we hadn’t all just powered through 302 > 1370 it might be a little different, but with all that honing from 1 time honing material sources we don’t exactly have a corresponding amount of 1 time silver sources to counter act that.

With all these new material sources being added today, players who were held back behind 1370 by their lack of honing materials will now be able to progress past that, however they will immediately be in the group of players 1370+ who are silver starved because as with the 1 time honing sources we also do not have a recurring silver source to fund the honing these vendors enable.

With the increased materials from the event, I think we need a bit of an adjustment to the silver income available so that these materials can be used by most players instead of being in a situation where you are frequently honing yourself down under repair cost.


please do, copy-paste that fine description of the issue, and make a new thread. It is so well described.

Finally, I’m happy you are thinking correctly and telling the facts.

5 of my alts are farming silver, yes silver farming takes lots of time

2 words I have for you: LOPANG ISLAND. 150k silver per T3 characters/ day. As you progress through the reputation system you’ll start getting more silver from these dailies. Do Lopang island quests that will unlock 6 (I think) dailies. I had to, unfortunately, pause the progress on other quests because I suddenly fund myself at 1 mil silver at 1350ilvl with 2 T3 characters…so yeah. It’s not great but it helps a TON and a half. I haven’t seen any other method that is worth my investment. You also get some silver here and there from collectible stuff like sea bounties.

Ultimately, they need to address this shortage of silver. It’s not balanced atm.

This is where I lost my silver. :)) Then I looked at the price…and I was like “What?”. Uhm…yeah! I will not be enrolling gems for the foreseeable future.

yes yes i agree with op, please add more ways to obtain silver

“Now that im at 1370 there’s a new bottleneck I want reduced so it’s easier for me.”

God there’s always something to complain about, first it was not having enough mats, now that people have mats they don’t have the silver to hone higher level gear so they complain about that.

How about playing the game?


could always add a gold to silver conversion of some kind, not sure if that’s in the game, seems players can farm gold but not silver well, besides daily and weekly unas.

not really. It takes like 10 minutes with bifrosts. Oppurtuinity cost is huge though.

the issue isnt silver in particular… silver in honing is meant as a gold sink… 1k gold can be exchanged to 100k silver… but right now we also need gold to buy stuff and we are given less than korea… so u need a godlike trop at argos/hardmode abyss that u sell… but also kinda want cause many grps wont take u when u just have 2 engravings wich are enought to get throu all argos phases btw… so u have to choose keep that nice stuff or sell to get further ilvl to get to 1385/1400 to get more gear… … if they gave the usual gold we could exchange the gold from abyss dungeons/raids for silver… and its 2100 gold alone from abyss dungeon from t2 feiton and t3 that we are missing… what AGS did wrong with t3 release while we start at t3 basically… we did not have any time to amass some gold/silver like the koreans likely did before the update… bot doing an event that gives masses of gold is also wrong… helping out with silver tho would not really affect the market… it might even raise the prices for mats again since ppl can afford more upgrades…