Silver? Upcoming problem?

I just want to throw this discussion out there. In the attempt to help players catch up with the current content they have released a ton of materials through various events as well as honing upgrades. These are admittedly awesome changes, and I’m personally thankful for the assist.

However as you dive into T3’s honing, Silver is one of the things that is required. And it’s currently the one thing missing from these reward vendors added to the game. Anyone else having issues with silver/ran into silver issues in their climb?

yup, its going to be a problem im down to 50k silver :frowning: :smiley:

Well im at 4 Million right now and dont have the problem, there are some good ways to get silver.

It’s something that needs to be added to the reward pool of events, etc.

I guess you’re not above 1385+ LOL

Silver generation is tied heavily into alts, which - right now - can be a slow grind to get into T3. The honing rates themselves are fine but depending on how many hours you have to play a day, the mandatory story quests can eat up your time. It’d be fine if it were ~2 to 3 characters per manually quested character for Knowledge Transfers, but 1:1 can make it a slog.

Hit 1370 Today, with the new mats and i dont rush, i just farm my mats my silver etc and all gets allong peacfuly.

lopang island farm with alts will give you all the silver you need